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Academic article
  • Ali, Elsheikh Bashir; Churchill, James H.; Barthel, Knut; Skjelvan, Ingunn; Omar, Abdirahman; De Lange, Tor; Eltaib, Elfatih B.A. 2018. Seasonal variations of hydrographic parameters off the Sudanese coast of the Red Sea, 2009-2015. Regional Studies in Marine Science. 1-10.
  • Basang, Droma; Barthel, Knut; Olseth, Jan Asle. 2017. Satellite and Ground Observations of Snow Cover in Tibet during 2001–2015. Remote Sensing. 23 pages.
  • Taskjelle, Torbjørn; Barthel, Knut; Christensen, Kai Håkon; Furaca, Noca; Gammelsrød, Tor; Hoguane, Antonio Mubango; Nharreluga, Bilardo. 2014. Modelling alongshore flow in a semi-enclosed lagoon strongly forced by tides and waves. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 294-301.
  • Barthel, Knut; Daewel, Ute; Pushpadas, Dhanya; Schrum, Corinna; Årthun, Marius; Wehde, Henning. 2012. Resolving frontal structures: On the pay-off using a less diffusive but computational more expensive advection scheme. Ocean Dynamics. 1457-1470.
  • Barthel, Knut; Rosland, Rune; Thai, Ngoc Chien. 2009. Modelling the circulation on the continental shelf of the province Khanh Hoa in Vietnam. Journal of Marine Systems. 89-113.
  • Barthel, Knut; Gade, Herman G.; Sandal, Cathrine K. 2004. A mechanical energy budget for the North Sea. Continental Shelf Research. 167-181.
  • Espelid, Terje O; Berntsen, Jarle; Barthel, Knut. 2000. Conservion of energy for schemes applied to the propagation of shallow-water inertia-gravity waves in regions with varying depth. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering. 1521-1544.
  • Barthel, Knut; Noji, T. T.; Noji, C. I. M. 1995. Zooplankton dynamics during the onset of winter in a Norwegian fjord. Vertical distribution and metabolic activity in relation to phytoplankton and sedimentation. Sarsia. 23-32.
  • Barthel, Knut; Mork, Kjell-Arne; Skagseth, Øystein. 1994. Influence of the mediterranean Sea on the Thermohaline Circulation during different Climate Epochs. Annales Geophysicae. C 373.
  • Skjelvan, Ingunn; Omar, Abdirahman; Ali, Elsheikh Bashir; Jackson-Misje, Kristin; De Lange, Tor; Johannessen, Truls; Barthel, Knut. 2019. Training workshop with focus on preparing oceanographic data for sharing, Deliverable 5.3 from the EU project 730995 SEACRIFOG. .
  • Barthel, Knut; Breivik, Øyvind. 1998. A physical scatterometer model function with input from a wave model. 2. 2. .
  • Barthel, Knut. 1997. Final Report of the MAST 2 project ECAWOM. Part I: Scientific report. MAST contract MAS2 CT94-0091. Presented by The ECAWOM group. .
  • Barthel, Knut; Breivik, Øyvind. 1996. A physical scatterometer model function with input from a wave model. .
Popular scientific lecture
  • Barthel, Knut. 1997. Vindmåling til havs. Gammelt prinsipp og ny metodikk.
Academic lecture
  • Barthel, Knut. 2003. Numerical modelling of processes in the ocean.
  • Barthel, Knut. 2002. HAMSOM a shelf ocean model for the coastal zone of Vietnam.
  • Barthel, Knut. 2000. Sirkulasjonen i Nordatlanteren og Arktis gitt ved den numeriske modellen HOPE.
  • Sundfjord, Arild; Barthel, Knut; Hansen, Margareth; Johannessen, Truls; Messias, M.J.; Watson, A.; Fogelquist, E.; Van Scoy, K.A. 1997. Tracer release experiments in the Greenland Sea simulated in an OGCM.
Thesis at a second degree level
  • Aarnes, Ole Johan. 2005. On mixed wind-sea/swell conditions in the open ocean - model and radar-observations.
Masters thesis
  • Dong, Cai. 2004. Mass balance of Nyainqen Tanglha glacier, Tibet, 1977 to 2001, derived by topographical maps and satellite images.
Doctoral dissertation
  • Basang, Droma. 2018. Snow Cover Distribution and Variation in Tibet.
  • Barthel, Knut. 1985. Energiomsetningen i atmosfæren over Nord-Atlanteren under en blokkeringsdannelse.
  • Thai, Ngoc Chien; Rosland, Rune; Barthel, Knut. 2005. A coupled bio-physical model for estimation of phosphate and algal biomass along Khanh Hoa's coast of central Vietnam.

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