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Marine geochemistry and petrology, hydrothermal activity

(Mohns- and Knipovich Ridges in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea)

Academic article
  • 2012. Correlating microbial community profiles with geochemical data in highly stratified sediments from the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. E2846-E2855.
  • 2010. Discovery of a black smoker vent field and vent fauna at the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge. Nature Communications.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2013. Vulkaner og varme kilder på dypt vann.
Academic lecture
  • 2014. Linking prokaryotes and geochemical parameters in Deep sea marine sediments.
  • 2014. Correlating abundances of archaeal lineages and geochemical parameters in deep-sea marine sediments.
  • 2013. Correlating microbial community structure with geochemical data in sediments from the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge.
  • 2012. Correlating geochemical data with microbial community structure in highly stratified sediments from the Arctic mid-ocean ridge.
  • 2014. Manganese peaks and zones in stratified deep sea sediments, Mohns Ridge, Norwegian-Greenland Sea.
  • 2011. High resolution community profiling of stratified sediments associated with Loki’s castle vent field at the Knipovitch spreading ridge.
  • 2010. Microbial diversity in deep-sea sediments Influence of volcanism and hydrothermal activity.
  • 2010. Microbial community composition in the deep-sea sediments flanking the Loki’ castle at the Knipovitch ridge system.

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2009: MSc Geodynamics and geochemistry, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen

Thesis title:  Hydrothermal and volcanic history at the 71 °N  hydrothermal field: a study of sediment cores

2007: BSc Geoscience, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen

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