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Kristine Husøy Onarheim

PhD Candidate
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Medical ethics


Health care priorities

Global health

Child health

Women's health

Access to medicines


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Blog posts

Onarheim, K.H et al, Stepping out of the silos: integrating global health into trade negotiations, The Lancet Global Health Blog 2014

Onarheim, K.H. and Iversen, J.H. Globale helseutfordringer sett fra Norge, Tidsskrift for den Norske Legeforening blog. 2013

Onarheim, K.H. and Iversen, J.H. From What We Know to What We Do: Now is the Time for Governments to Fix a Failing System for Drug Development, PLOS Medical Journal’s Community blog 2013

Courses on global health: nursing students, medical students, pharmancy students, PhD students

Publications in peer reviewed journals

The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies. (2017) Youth demand action on the shared global challenge of access to medicines. The Lancet; 389(10067):345-7.

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Other publications

Gopinathan U, Iversen JH, Onarheim KH (2011). [More open dialog on global health]. Tidsskr Nor Legeforen; 131(23):2336

Onarheim KH, Hemsing AL (2009). Global health in medical education is important! Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 129(16):1666-8.


Reports and working papers

The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies. (2017). The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies Report,

uca et al (2014). Benefits and Costs of the Women’s Health Targets for the Post-2015 Development Agenda, Copenhagen Concensus Center, Post-2015 Consensus: Health Perspective.

Lichtwarck, H., Melberg, A., Onarheim, K.H., Gopinathan, U., Iversen, J.H. (2013), Complex Challenges Call for Collaboration Across Boundaries: A Mapping of Perspectives from Research Institutions and Civil Society within Norwegian Global Health, Norsk forum for global helseforskning. 

Phd candidate, University of Bergen (Norway), 2015 - 

Visiting Research Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health (USA), 2013 -

Medical Student, University of Bergen (Norway), 2006 - 2014

Medical Students Research Programme, University of Bergen (Norway), 2009 - 2014

Global Health, University of Bergen and CMC Vellore (India), autumn 2008

Priority Setting and Intra-Household Resource Allocation on Newborn Health in Ethiopia (PhD project; supervision by Ingrid Miljeteig, Ole F. Norheim, Karen Marie Moland and Mitike Molla)

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Women's Health (Harvard School of Public Health, with Professor David E. Bloom and Johanne Helene Iversen)

Access to Essential Medicines (The Lanced Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies)

Research groups