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My research interest is on the role of tax havens and offshore financial centres (OFCs) within an international political economy. Since March 2015, I have been employed at the University of Bergen as a phd-student. My phd-project examines the role of the British administration in the set-up of tax havens in former colonies and dependencies in the 1960s and 1970s. The aim is to contribute with historical knowledge of an understudied phenomenon despite its central position in global finance. I was positioned in London as an honourable research fellow at The City, University of London from August 2016 to June 2017.  My work aligns with a critical hermeneutic tradition within history building on perspectives from International Political Economy (IPE).

In May 2012, I finalized a Master degree in History at the University of Bergen (UiB) and was an affiliated student to the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) research-cluster ‘Tax and Public Finance Management’. The thesis contributed to more knowledge on the Norwegian approach to tax havens through following the Norwegian Ministry of Finance through an OECD-experience from the 1970s to 2012. In 2013, the thesis was awarded a price from the Norwegian Historical Association (HIFO).

In 2013, I received financial support by the Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Organisation (NFF) and the Norwegian Fritt Ord-foundation to write a book in Norwegian on the issue of tax havens. In the midst of this project, I was granted the phd-position at the University of Bergen, and the book-project will be finalized after finishing the stipend period (spring 2019).

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  • "Growth of tax havens from the 1870s until today", HIS 115 Spring 2016 (University of Bergen)
  • "Practical methodology", HIS 250/250L og HIM 250 Spring 2017 (University of Bergen)
  • "Growth of tax havens from the 1870s until today", HIS 115 Spring 2017 (University of Bergen)
  • "Economic Development in Europe, 1945 to 2017", EUR 103 Spring 2017 (University of Bergen)
Academic article
  • Show author(s) (2021). In the Central Bank’s Blind Spot. Internasjonal Politikk. 240-256.
  • Show author(s) (2017). Panama Papers – Why the Fuss? A Window into the Tax haven Phenomenon.
Academic lecture
  • Show author(s) (2017). The Formation of a British Tax Haven Policy, 1961 – 1971: Transit Capitalism in an Era of Decolonization.
  • Show author(s) (2017). A British Dual Position to Tax havens: A history lesson from 1961 to 1971.
  • Show author(s) (2017). A British Dual Position to Tax Havens: A History Lesson from 1961 to 1971 .
Reader opinion piece
  • Show author(s) (2021). Skatteplanlegging i sentralbankens blindsoner. Dagens næringsliv.
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Popular scientific chapter/article
  • Show author(s) (2013). Noreg i Sør-Afrika: Ei brokete historie. 100-102.

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The European Business History Association 21st Annual Congress in Vienna: Transformation in Business and Society: An Historical Approach. Presentation: “The Formation of a British Tax Haven Policy, 1961 – 1971: Transit Capitalism in an Era of Decolonization” for the session: “Competing for the tax payer”, chaired by Margit Müller (Institute Für Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung, Universität Zürich), Vienna 25 August 2017


The EADI Nordic Conference 2017: “Globalization at the Crossroads: Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries”. Presentation: “A British Dual Position to Tax havens: A history lesson from 1961 to 1971”, before the academic panel: The Political Economy of Resource Taxation and Tax Reform in Africa, steered by Morten Bøås (NUPI), Odd-Helge Fjeldstad (CMI and University of Pretoria), Christian von Haldenwang (German Development Institute) and Oliver Morrissey (University of Nottingham).  Co-arrangement by The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), Norsk forening for utviklingsforskning (NfU), the University of Bergen, the Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the Suisse Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Research Council of Norway, Bergen (Norway), 22 August 2017

"A British Dual Position to Tax havens, 1961-1978: Capital in Transit" (phd-working title)

The project is supervised by Camilla Brautaset, Jan Heiret and Lars Fredrik Øksendal


  • Scholarship from the Dept. of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, support for affiliation to the City, University of London with Professor Ronen Palan
  • HIFO`s Fritt Ord Pris, the Norwegian Historical Association (HIFO), 4 th of May 2013, Sogndal.
  • Scholarship from The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association (NFF), June 2013.
  • Scholarship from the Norwegian non-profit foundation `Fritt Ord`, June 2013.