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Kurt-Rune Bergset

PhD Candidate

PhD scholar at the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) at the University of Bergen. Background in political science, BA European Studies, MA Comparative Politics, several short term periods as scientific assistant, and administrative course coordinator.

My current research is focused on gender issues in the legal system, specifically focusing on recruitment of female justices and also how gender is treated in the legal system. My methodological approach is a mixed-methods scheme of combining small-N interviews and discourse analysis with large-N analyses of judges' votes and argumentation.

2013: Article series on microscopic political parties in Norway in Norwegian weekly 'Dag og Tid'

Social Sciences

MET102, «Social Science Methods», teaching seminars and administrative coordinator

SV100, «Introduction to Social Science» teaching seminars and administrative coordinator

SAMPOL290, «Internships in Comparative Politics», teacher and course coordinator

SAMPOL209, «Courts, Law and Politics», lecture

Gender Theory

KVIK100/KVIK110, «Introduction to Gender Studies», teaching seminars

KVIK101, «Gender in Modernity», lectures

Master Thesis 2013: "Gender in the Supreme Court of Norway - Judicial behaviour in child custody cases, 1968 - 2011". Available through Bergen Open Research Archive.