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Luisa F. Zuluaga Valencia

Postdoctoral fellow
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Spring 2018:

GEOV101 - Innføring i geologi (Introduction to geology)

GEOV102 - Ekskursjoner og øvelser i geologi (Excursions and Practicals in Geology) 

Academic article
  • 2017. Structural and petrophysical effects of overthrusting on highly porous sandstones: the Aztec Sandstone in the Buffington window, southeast Nevada, U.S.A. Geological Society Special Publication. 59-77.
  • 2017. Interacting faults. Journal of Structural Geology. 1-22.
  • 2016. The effect of deformation bands on simulated fluid flow within fault-propagation fold trap types: Lessons from the San Rafael monocline, Utah. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin. 1523-1540.
  • 2016. Glossary of fault and other fracture networks. Journal of Structural Geology. 12-29.
  • 2015. Contractional deformation of porous sandstone: insights from the Aztec Sandstone, SE Nevada, USA. Journal of Structural Geology. 172-184.
  • 2014. Progressive evolution of deformation band populations during Laramide fault-propagation folding: Navajo Sandstone, San Rafael monocline, Utah, U.S.A. Journal of Structural Geology. 66-81.
  • 2017. Simulation of geothermal energy extraction on realistic geologies using the dual virtual element method.
Academic lecture
  • 2013. Microstructural and petrophysical effects of overthrusting on the Aztec Sandstone, Buffington Window, SE Nevada.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2015. Contractional deformation of porous sandstones. Laramide and Sevier deformation of the Navajo and Aztec sandstones in western USA.
  • 2018. Outcrop fracture characterization for geothermal reservoirs: challenges in optimizing inputs for reservoir models.
  • 2012. Structural Reservoir Heterogeneity Induced by Forced Folding in Sandstone Reservoirs.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

PhD in Structural Geology (2015). University of Bergen, Norway.

MSc in Petroleum Geosciences (2009). IFP School, France.

Diploma in Geology (2007). National University of Colombia.



Best poster award, European Geothermal Workshop (October 2018) news archive UiB Geo

Best poster award, The Geological Society of London (November 2012) news archive UiB Geo


ANIGMA: An Integrated Geological and Mathematical Approach for the characterization, modelling and simulation of fractured geothermal reservoirs.


Past projects

COPS: Contractional deformation of Porous Sandstones. PhD dissertation in BORA