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Mads E. Jelby

Guest Researcher, Postdoctoral Fellow
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I am a postdoctoral researcher funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (Carlsberg Foundation Internationalisation Fellowship) with a PhD in siliciclastic sedimentology and stratigraphy based on fieldwork in High-Arctic Svalbard. As a sedimentologist, my multidisciplinary research spans most of sedimentary geology, with a firm focus on (but not limited to) small-scale depositional processes, large-scale basin dynamics, and global-scale climate evolution. In particular, I am interested in how coastal landscapes and geomorphology respond to climate change in time and space, in order to face some of the imminent global challenges of the currently warming world.

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Coastal consequences of a warming world: Utilizing climate-forced change of past polar shorelines to forecast future hazards
Carlsberg Foundation Internationalisation Fellowship (PI; grantee)

Svalbard Warm Arctic Paleoclimate Laboratory – Providing High Arctic Palaeoclimate time series through research collaboration
Svalbard Strategic Grant, Research Council of Norway (Project partner)

Lower Cretaceous basin evolution of Svalbard
part of 'Lower Cretaceous Basin Studies of The Arctic - A multi-university collaboration'
Industry-funded (Project partner)

Lower Cretaceous basin evolution of the Danish Central Graben, North Sea
DTU Offshore - Danish Offshore Technology Centre (Project partner)