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PhD Candidate
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psychoanalysis, sexual difference, theory of the subject

Academic article
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Popular scientific lecture
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Academic lecture
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Reader opinion piece
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Book review
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Popular scientific article
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Doctoral dissertation
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Academic literature review
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More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

"Fridom eller Livet; Nokre liner mellom subjektsomgrepa hos Badiou og Lacan", i Agora nr. 4/2010, Aschehoug, Oslo, 2011.

"Formuleringar av Stilla: Wittgenstein etter Lacan med Badiou", i Filosofisk supplement nr 3/2012, Oslo, 2012.

"Ytringen av subjektet; en sakfiksjon", i Prosopopeia nr. 1/2010, Bergen, 2010.

"Harudes erodert", i Prosopopeia nr. 2-3/2009, Bergen, 2009.

Real Difference; thinking sexual difference after Badiou


This project aims to explore the possibilities of developing the thinking of sexual difference in particular and difference in general. The idea that it should be possible to think sex and difference as real, instead of merely imaginary and/or symbolically, serves as my point of entry. As opposed to thinking difference on the basis of that which is distinguished, i.e. man and woman, a real thinking of difference would find its moorings in the space between these, in difference as such. If the aim is to pass beyond the antagonisms of male and female discourses, aspiring instead towards a thinking of sex that is universal and general, then such a thinking can not be founded in the one or the other sex. It has to be, on the contrary, founded in the first and possibly only common denominator there is between man and woman – that they are both distinguished from one another. Only on such terms may it be possible to think sexual difference as such. This project aims to show how the proposal for a mathematical ontology, as presented by Alain Badiou, prepares the ground for such a thinking – by plotting how his proposal is influenced by the theory of sexual difference as professed by Jacques Lacan. With this as my point of entry, I will further more examine the hypothesis that there is to be found a blind spot within Badiou’s own thought, which prevents him from seeing how the truth of sex proceeds outside the isolated individuals, thereby actualising the potential of his thought on sex to a greater extent. Hopefully will this enable me to combine a real thinking of sex with the political or collective field, where the sexual problematic is currently more acute.