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For news organizations to survive, they must embrace big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. They may use these technologies as independent applications for analysing and extracting newsworthy information from social media and textual data from world news in real-time. But they will struggle on the digitalization path to get everything to work together. Marc’s research aims to assist news organisations in the digital transition to integrated AI- and big data-assisted news production. To better integrate these technologies into a complex system, his research includes the design of a software reference architecture for such systems and the study of the technical challenges and opportunities behind them.

Marc Gallofré Ocaña as a PhD candidate at the University of Bergen is part of the Intelligent Information Systems (I2S) research group, and he is working on the News Angler project.  Marc holds a BSc in Informatics Engineering as well as an MSc in Innovation and Research in Informatics from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia-BarcelonaTech, Barcelona School of Informatics. As part of his PhD and work on the News Angler project, he is currently developing a big data platform for detecting news angles and events using machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge graphs.

He has broad interests in digitalization processes and software engineering, especially in software and enterprise architectures, and digital transformation of Public and Higher Education institutions.

Before joining as a PhD student he was working as a Business Intelligent consultant, founded a student association for connecting IT companies with students, and was involved in the school board and several committees at the Barcelona School of Informatics.



Knowledge Graphs (INFO216)

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