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Randi Heggernes Eilertsen
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    Haukeland universitetssykehus, Laboratoriebygget
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Research Summary

My research group conducts multidisciplinary research on large cohorts and registries to generate new methods and knowledge in the field of metabolic disorders. We are located at the Children and Youth Clinic of the Haukeland University hospital in Bergen Norway, affiliated to the University of Bergen, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and the Computational Biology Unit.

In our research on the Norwegian diabetes registries, we combine genotyping and sequencing information with rich phenotypes to gain insight in the architecture of diabetes among Norwegian children. From this work, we have identified cases that diverge from the hallmarks of type 1 and monogenic diabetes. We are currently studying these cases using proteomics, investigating whether they cluster with other forms of diabetes, to better understand the mechanisms at play, find tailored treatment strategies, and anticipate complications.

Then, we do not only monitor protein abundances, but use genomic information to account for genetic variation when analyzing proteomics data, and identify proteoforms encoded by rare and common variants. Applying these methods to a wide range of proteomic data sets, we aim to generate new knowledge on the consequences of genetic variation. Furthermore, better accounting for common genetic variation enables better accounting for population diversity in proteomic studies.

Recent research has revealed the importance of pregnancy in the development of cardiometabolic disorders for children and mothers. The scope of our work thus expanded to health during pregnancy. Working on the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child cohort study (MoBa), we study the genetics of pregnancy traits and their link to later health. We are currently investigating how different pregnancy profiles associate with later cardiometabolic risk for mothers and children.


Where to find us?

Our group is located in the 6th floor of blokk1 in the glasblokkene: 60.37561,5.36148.