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Ekstern, Study of Religion
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  • New Age religion/spirituality
  • New meditation movements
  • Christian mission among the Samis

Spring 2016

  • RELV221/231 - New Age and New Religious Movements
  • RELV230/330 - Religion and Media


  • Løøv, Margrethe; Løøv, Anders; Junge, Åke. 2014. Povel Resens beskrivelser av forholdene i de samiske områdene (1706-1708). 162 pages. ISBN: 978-82-93120-03-2.
Journal articles
  • Løøv, Margrethe. 2019. Between Religion and Science: Shifting Views on Knowledge in Acem and the Transcendental Meditation Movement. Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review. 10: 25-47.
  • Lewis, James R; Løøv, Margrethe; Doherty, Bernard. 2017. Same Trajectory, Different Prospects: Anglophone Census Data and the Future of the Irreligious and the ‘Nones’. Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review. 8: 123-149. doi: 10.5840/asrr20175933
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Reports and theses
  • Løøv, Margrethe. 2019. Networking Spirituality. A Study of VisionWorks and the Norwegian Alternative Movement. Universitetet i Bergen.
Book sections
  • Løøv, Margrethe. 2017. From “Network” to “Visions”: The Role of the Umbrella Organization VisionWorks in the Norwegian Alternative Movement. Kapittel 2, pages 45-63. In:
    • Gilhus, Ingvild S.; Kraft, Siv Ellen; Lewis, James R. 2017. New Age in Norway. Equinox Publishing. 290 pages. ISBN: 9781781794166.
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Selected publications:


Løøv, Margrethe. 2016. ”Shoppers in the Spiritual Supermarket: A Quantitative Study of Visitors at Scandinavia’s Largest Alternative Fair”, Journal of Contemporary Religion. Vol. 31 (1), 67-84.

Løøv, Margrethe. forthcoming 2016. ”Quantitative Approaches to New Religions” i James R. Lewis (red.) Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements II, Leiden: Brill.

Løøv, Margrethe. 2015. ”Acem: Disenchanted Meditation” i James R. Lewis (red.) Nordic New Religions, Leiden: Brill, 255-268.

Løøv, Margrethe and Knut Melvær. 2014. ”Spirituell, religiøs eller åndelig? Om selvbetegnelser i det norske alternativmiljøet” i Dīn – tidsskrift for religion og kultur Vol. 16 (1-2), 113-133.

Løøv, Anders, Margrethe Løøv and Åke Jünge. 2014. Povel Resens beskrivelser av forholdene i de samiske områdene (1706-1708). Snåsa: Saemien Sijte.

Løøv, Margrethe. 2012. ”Acems avfortrylling – Fra nyreligiøs motkultur til sekulær selvutviklingsteknikk”, Chaos nr. 58, 9-34.

PhD research project (2012-2017):

Networking Spirituality: Ideology and Interaction within a New Age Network

The New Age movement not only represents new ideas, but has equally engendered new modes of social interaction in a religious context. Given the growth of ”unorganised spirituality” or ”network religiosity”, the dynamics of New Age networks would seem to deserve more scholarly attention. My PhD project in particular addresses the relationship between ideology and interaction within the New Age movement; How does interaction affect social relations and the transmission and development of ideas? To what extent, and in what way, do the values and religious ideas of different actors affect their way of interacting? What role do the different platforms of interaction – as mediums – play in this process?

            Empirically, the project will focus on the Norwegian alternative scene. It will particularly emphasise actors involved in VisionWorks, which is a central forum for alternative spirituality, therapy, lifestyle and religion in Norway. I will both conduct interviews and analyse written sources such as magazines, event programmes, internet sites and web forums. By studying a varied empirical material within a comprehensive theoretical framework the project aims at enhancing our understanding of the rationale and modus operandi of New Age networks.


Other projects

”Multireligious” actors? A quantitative study of the audience at Scandinavia’s largest alternative fair

Into the unknown. Paul Resen’s accounts of the conditions in the Norwegian Sami areas from 1706 to 1708