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Mari Hanssen Korsbrekke

PhD Candidate

Teaching Assistant 2013-2015

SANT100, SANT102, GLOB101, SANT220, SANT105, SANT104

  • 2020. Klimatilpasning i nasjonalparkkommunene Forprosjektrapport for Norges nasjonalparkkommuner. .
  • 2015. Where were you Charlie?
  • 2015. Thinking Openly About Egalitarian Utopianism.
  • 2015. The event in Anthropology; Exploring the Analytical Frameworks of the Climate Crisis as an Event.
  • 2015. Recreating Community- A Critique of Society- An Exploration of Intentional Communalism’s Values as Social Action and Reworkings of Egalitarianism.
  • 2015. Egalitarian Intentional Communties in North America.
Academic lecture
  • 2017. "Gender and Feminism in intentional communities in North America".
  • 2017. "A Labyrinth is a Mirror- A Trickster's Fall from Grace in an Intentional Community".
  • 2015. "In the Event: A Mancunian Transplant in Bergen". Collective paper presented in the Department of social anthropology's seminar series. Chaired by Edvard Hviding. 23 April 2015.
Reader opinion piece
  • 2017. Imperiets historie er ennÃ¥ ikke over. Morgenbladet.
Masters thesis
  • 2013. "Taking It to The Streets" - Community Events in Post-Katrina New Orleans.
Feature article
  • 2017. "De som gjemmer seg bak ytringsfriheten". Bergens Tidende.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2015. Where Were You, Charlie? Contesting Voices of Political Activism in the Wake of a Tragedy. 11 pages.
Website (informational material)
  • 2017. Not Utopia Yet: Income-Sharing Egalitarian Intentional Communities in North America.

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