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Maria-Carme Torras-Calvo

  • E-mailMaria.Carme.Torras@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 58 25 01+47 915 45 139
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    Haakon Sheteligs plass 7
    5007 Bergen
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    Postboks 7808
    5020 Bergen
Academic article
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Academic lecture
  • Show author(s) (2005). Web Portals and Internationalization: A Survey of Norwegian Academic, Research and Special Libraries.
  • Show author(s) (2004). Presentasjon av KIK � et nettbasert kurs i informasjonskompetanse.
Other product
  • Show author(s) (2005). Handlingsplan for informasjonskompetanse ved Universitetet i Bergen.
  • Show author(s) (2005). Fastsettelse av læringsmål og innhold for UB-kurs etter studienivå.
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Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
  • Show author(s) (2013). Media and Information Literacy. Policy and Strategy Guidelines. Unesco.
Academic monograph
  • Show author(s) (2009). Information Literacy Education : a process approach. Professionalising the pedagogical role of academic libraries.
  • Show author(s) (2008). Information literacy education: A process approach : professionalising the pedagogical role of academic libraries.
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Show author(s) (2015). Mapping collective information practices in the workplace. 10 pages.
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  • Show author(s) (2012). Fokusgruppestudien. 34 pages.
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Encyclopedia article
  • Show author(s) (2013). List of Selected Information Literacy Resources Available in the Norwegian Language. 159-162. In:
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  • Show author(s) (2015). PhD on Track – online library support for PhD students.
  • Show author(s) (2014). Helping PhD-students succeed: PhD on Track.
Digital learning tools
  • Show author(s) (2007). Search & Write.
  • Show author(s) (2005). Pedagogisk manual.
  • Show author(s) (2004). Kurs i informasjonskompetanse.
Article in business/trade/industry journal
  • Show author(s) (2014). Med IFLA i et stadig skriftende informasjonslandskap. Bibliotekforum. 22-23.
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