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Maria Steene Eriksen

Senior Adviser, Research adviser external funding

Supports project manager with guidance, coordination, and quality assurance of applications for external funding.

This includes among others:

  • To identify upcoming calls and have knowledge of various programs
  • Assist in proposal development related to call requirements, templates, linguistic and structural assessment of proposal text
  • Coordination of local support functions
  • If needed, assist with administrative information and quality assurance in the application portal
  • In case of rejection of your proposal, review feedback from the financier and consider possibilities for proposal development
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More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

PhD (UiB 2018), Biomedicine - Neuroscience

Post-studies in History of Art (UiB 2014)

MSc (UiB 2013), Medical biology – Human physiology

BSc (UiB 2011), Chemistry