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Marianne Hafnor Bøe

Postdoctoral fellow, Study of Religions
  • E-mailMarianne.Boe@uib.no
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    Øysteinsgate 3
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    5020 Bergen

My research deals with the intersections of religion, law and gender. I hold particular competence on sharia and Muslim family law, on Shia Islam and Shia Muslim communities in Norway, and on the combination of Islam and feminism. I have previously worked on a PhD project on family law reform and women's rights activism in Iran, which resulted in the publication of the book Family Law in Contemporary Iran: Women’s Rights Activism and Sharia (I.B. Tauris 2015).

In my current postdoctoral project, I examine the relationship between religious law and everyday life in Norway, based on practices related to the Muslim dower (mahr). A recurrent question in the project is what kind of challenges the combination of state law and the practice of religious law issues represent in a welfare state like Norway, that holds a clear state feminist agenda and where the relationship between state and religious law is currently in the process of being redefined. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council's FRIHUMSAM programme 2015-2018.

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Journal articles
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Reports and theses
  • Bøe, Marianne. 2012. Debating Family Law in Contemporary Iran. Continuity and Change in Women's Rights Activists' Conceptions of Shari'a and Women's Rights. University of Bergen.
Book sections
  • Bøe, Marianne. 2013. "Kjønnsjihad: Feministiske tilnærminger til Shari‘a”. kapittel 5, pages 94-108. In:
    • Gilhus, Ingvild S.; Mikaelsson, Lisbeth. 2013. Religion i skrift: Mellom mystikk og materialitet. Universitetsforlaget. 240 pages. ISBN: 9788215019895.
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