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Marry-Anne Karlsen

Postdoctoral fellow

Marry-Anne Karlsen is a postdoctoral fellow at Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK). She has a background in human geography and social anthropology. Her research interests cover migration, welfare state, and border politics. Her PhD thesis Precarious inclusion. Irregular migration, practices of care and state b/ordering in Norway explored the encounter between healthcare providers and irregular migrants and and was part of the RCN-funded project Provision of Welfare to Irregular Migrants. She is currently part of a new 3 year international research project funded by the RCN, Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration (WAIT). 


Karlsen is Leader of IMER Bergen (International Migration and Ethnic Relations Researh Unit Bergen), and a board member of Nordic Migration Research and the Norwegian Network for Migration Research.

Academic article
  • Eide, Helene Marie Kjærgård; Homme, Anne; Karlsen, Marry-Anne; Lundberg, Kjetil. 2017. Omsorgssektoren som integreringsarena: En hurtig og enkel vei til varig arbeid for flyktninger og innvandrere? [The social care sector as arena for integration : a fast and easy way to stable employment for refugees and immigrants?]. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning. 332-348.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne; Drangsland, Kari Anne; Dahle, Malin. 2016. Norskopplæring for personer i asylmottak, Rokkanrapport 2. .
  • Eide, Helene Marie Kjærgård; Homme, Anne; Karlsen, Marry-Anne; Lundberg, Kjetil. 2016. Integrering i praksis: Helse- og omsorgssektoren som opplærings- og kvalifiseringsarena for flyktninger og innvandrere. .
Popular scientific lecture
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2019. Healthcare through the temporal lens of migration control.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2018. Helseforskriften - Praktiske og etiske dilemma for helsepersonell.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2015. Helsepersonell som grensekontrollører.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2015. Helsehjelp for papirløse.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2015. Eksepsjonell velferd? Irregulære migranter i det norske velferdssamfunnet.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Irregulære migranter i velferdsstaten: juridiske og sosiale utfordringer.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Irregular migrants' access to healthcare in Norway.
Academic lecture
  • Ystanes, Margit; Jacobsen, Christine M.; Gressgård, Randi; Karlsen, Marry-Anne; Ticktin, Miriam. 2019. Roundtable: Creativity, Resistance, and Change in Times of Crises: Who is the Subject Speaking? .
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2018. Precarious inclusion as a strategy of government: Irregular migration and the Norwegian welfare state.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2018. Imagining Im/migrant Futures: Potentiality in Im/migration Studie. Roundtable discussion with Jennifer A. Cook, Georgina Kathleen Ramsay, Diana Ibanez Tirado, Jaeeun Kim, Susan C. Bibler Coutin, and Samuel Martinez .
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2018. How long time is enough?’ Exploring irregular migration, time and belonging.
  • Jacobsen, Christine M.; Bendixsen, Synnøve Kristine Nepstad; Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Provision of Welfare to Irregular Migrants: Exploring the borders of the Norwegian Welfare State.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Institutional practices and irregular migrants’ access to welfare in Norway.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Health care and immigration control - practical and ethical implications for service providers.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Enacting the border in the medical encounter.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2014. Compassionate repression? Welfare to irregular migrants in Norway.
  • Bygnes, Susanne; Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2017. Krise og kontinuitet i mottak av flyktninger i Norden. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning.
Doctoral dissertation
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2015. Precarious inclusion. Irregular migration, practices of care, and state b/ordering in Norway.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2017. The Limits of Egalitarianism: Irregular Migration and the Norwegian Welfare State. 21 pages.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2016. Migration control and children's access to healthcare. 25 pages.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne. 2015. Når helsevesenet blir en del av migrasjonskontrollen – etiske og praktiske dilemmaer for helsepersonell. 18 pages.
  • Karlsen, Marry-Anne; Drangsland, Kari Anne Klovholt; Hidle, Knut. 2014. The conditions for hospitality in the Norwegian asylum reception system. 16 pages.

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