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Journal articles
  • Lorenz, Marta. 2018. fdsfdsfs. Archives - Institut grand-ducal de Luxembourg. Section des sciences naturelles, physiques et mathématiques.
  • Mikki, Susanne Ruth; Al Ruwehy, Hemed Ali Hemed; Gjesdal, Øyvind Liland; Zygmuntowska, Marta. 2018. Filter bubbles in interdisciplinary Research: a Case study on climate and society. Library hi tech. 36: 225-236. doi: 10.1108/LHT-03-2017-0052
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  • Zygmuntowska, Marta; Mauritsen, Thorsten; Quaas, Johannes; Kaleschke, Lars. 2012. Arctic Clouds and Surface Radiation – a critical comparison of satellite retrievals and the ERA-Interim reanalysis. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 12: 6667-6677. doi: 10.5194/acp-12-6667-2012
Reports and theses
  • Sandven, Stein; Kloster, Kjell; Zygmuntowska, Marta; Khvorostovsky, Kirill; Sebastian, Gerland; Renner, Angelika; Nilsen, Frank; Skogseid, Ragnheid. 2015. CryoSat post-launch validation study for sea ice 2011-2012. Final report. NERSC Technical Report. 368. Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Bergen.
  • Sandven, Stein; Zygmuntowska, Marta; Khvorostovsky, Kirill; Kloster, Kjell; Gerland, Sebastian; Renner, Angelika; Nilsen, Frank; Skogseth, Ragnheid. 2015. Cryosat postlaunch validation study for sea ice 2011-2012 PRODEX Final Report. NERSC Technical Report. 368. Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center.
  • Zygmuntowska, Marta. 2014. Arctic sea ice altimetry - advances and current uncertainties. University of Bergen.

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