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My research interests include

Multiphase flow in porous media, with focus on capillary heterogeneities including permeability contrasts, pore scale distribution and fractures. The influence of wettability of fluid flow and fluid distributions and multiphase functions in sandstone, chalk and carbonate rock types. In-situ imaging of dynamic displacement processes in porous media using MRI/NMR, NTI and CT. The impact of capillary forces and EOR/IOR in conventional and fractured reservoirs, including foam flow, polymer gels. Generating correct capillary curves and relative permeability curves from different SCAL techniques for input parameters in simulators. Additives to invading water in spontaneous imbibition tests to enhance oil recovery.

PhD students

Øyvind Eide

Jarand Gauteplass




Nicolai Ivar Majlaton

Ary Ahmed

Kamal Ahmed

Stuart Baird

Stig Langlo

Stig Lie

Tom Ydstebø



Christophersen, Anders
Økt oljeutvinning av injeksjon av CO2-skum i en oppsprukket karbonatbergart ved ulike fuktforhold

Fløysand Tveit, Jørn-Anders
An Experimental Study of Water Mixing in Carbonate Rocks Using Different Imaging Techniques

Nakken Follesø, Håvard
Fluid Displacements during Multiphase Flow Visualized at the Pore Scale Using Micromodels

Skibenes, Ane
Injeksjon av CO2-skum for økt oljeutvinning i en oppsprukket karbonatbergart under ulike fuktforhold



Eide, Øyvind
Integrated EOR and Waterflood Stability Criteria in Carbonate Rock

Børve, Bjarte
Økt oljeutvinning i kalk basert på vannkjemi og potensialbestemmende ioner for endring av fukt

Nybø, Sigurd
Skaleringskoeffisientens innvirkning på vannflømminger i sandstein og tertiær utvinnig ved bruk av CO2

Gauteplass, Jarand
Primærdreneringsprosesser ved bruk av gass målt med porøs plate, sentrifuge og under skum injeksjon



Grønsdal, Reidar
Økt oljeutvinning i kalk basert på vannkjemi og potensialbestemmende ioner for endring av fukt



PTEK 211 - Fundamentals of Reservoir Physics

PTEK 212 - Reservoir Technology I

PTEK 214 - Experimental Reservoir Physcis

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  • Show author(s) (2021). Calcite-functionalized micromodels for pore-scale investigations of CO2 storage security.
  • Show author(s) (2021). Applying in-situ imaging and streamtube analysis to quantify carbonate dissolution at the core scale- an experimental study applying positron emission tomoraphy (PET) and computed tomography (CT).
  • Show author(s) (2021). A Pore-Scale Study of Underground Hydrogen Storage in Porous Media.

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Integrated Enhanced Oil Recovery