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I am interested in the cellular and molecular basis of synaptic transmission and synaptic integration in the central nervous system. My research involves understanding and characterizng the synaptic and cellular mechanisms used by identified neurons within specific microcircuits for signal processing. The main techniques used in my laboratory are patch-clamp recording, multiphoton / 2-photon microscopy, and confocal imaging of fluorescent immunocytochemcal labeling.

Meg has initiated and developed an interactive exhibition "The Retina" that is part of the permantent exhibit at VilVite science museum since 2018.

Retina (VilVite)

Opening of VilVite exhibit - Norwegian video

Opening of VilVite exhibit - English video


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Visionary of the Quarter 2021

BMED 340 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience








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EU Horizon2020 switchBoard - In the Eye of the Observer: Visual Processing at the Heart of the Retina

NFR FRIMEDBIO: Beyond the synapse: The role of extrasynaptic receptors in a retinal microcircuit, NFR 261914

NFR FRIMEDBIO: Glutamate dynamics in a retinal microcircuit, NFR 213776