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Academic article
  • Haugland, Mildrid Jorunn; Brenna, Sissel Johansson; Aanes, Mette. 2019. Interprofessional education as a contributor to professional and interprofessional identities. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 1-8.
  • Aanes, Mette; Hetland, Jørn; Pallesen, Ståle; Mittelmark, Maurice B. 2011. Does loneliness mediate the stress-sleep quality relation? The Hordaland Health Study. International Psychogeriatrics. 994-1002.
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  • Haugland, Siren; Aanes, Mette; Holsen, Ingrid. 2006. Rett tiltak til rett tid. Evaluering av en modell for kompetanseheving. .
Academic lecture
  • Aanes, Mette Marthinussen; Matthiesen, Stig Berge; Glasø, Lars. 2015. Masking social relationships and psyhological distress in Norwegian Leaders: The mediating role of suppressed social expressions.
  • Kunnikoff, Hans Martin; Knudsen, Alette; Aanes, Mette Marthinussen. 2015. Managing Community Development Projects: An interdisciplinary approach to implementing change in a Norwegian Public Health Organization.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Aanes, Mette Marthinussen; Glasø, Lars; Matthiesen, Stig Berge. 2013. Alene på toppen. 25 pages.
  • Aanes, Mette Marthinussen; Aanes, Synne. 2013. Risk and management: The influence of social masking.
  • Aanes, Mette; Mittelmark, Maurice B; Hetland, Jørn. 2007. Muscular and skeletal complaints and physical functioning: The role of psychological and social factors.
  • Aanes, Mette; Bancila, Delia; Mittelmark, Maurice B. 2004. Satisfaction with Life among Romanian Youth.

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