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Academic article
  • 2020. Diversification in evolutionary arenas—Assessment and synthesis. Ecology and Evolution. 6163-6182.
  • 2019. Leaps and bounds: geographical and ecological distance constrained the colonisation of the Afrotemperate by Erica. BMC Evolutionary Biology.
  • 2019. Floral Color, Anthocyanin Synthesis Gene Expression and Control in Cape Erica Species. Frontiers in Plant Science.
  • 2019. An approach to determining anthocyanin synthesis enzyme gene expression in an evolutionary context: an example from Erica plukenetii. Annals of Botany. 121-130.
  • 2020. Remarkable insights into processes shaping African tropical tree diversity. 100094. 100094. .
  • 2020. Sjokolade!
Academic lecture
  • 2019. “May you live in interesting times” On interesting problems in species level phylogenomics, and the rapid species radiation in Cape Erica (Ericaceae).
  • 2019. Erica phylogeny: Present and future .
Other presentation
  • 2019. Epledag i Botanisk hage.
Popular scientific article
  • 2020. Small differences, big secrets. Veld & Flora. 26-31.

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Selected publications:

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