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Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi

Associate Professor
  1. Offshore wind energy,
  2. Wind-wave-turbulence-structure interaction,
  3. Signal processing and data acquisition system for metocean measurements,
  4. Large Eddy Simulation (wind turbine/farm interactions),
  5. Image processing and machine learning,
  6. Ocean/wave modelling,
  7. Physical oceanography (ocean mixing and transport, Lagrangian particle tracking),
  8. Air-sea interaction, turbulence, and coherence structures,
  9. Turbulence parameterizations and modelling under effects of oscilatory wave motions,
  10. Meso and submesoscale oceanic eddies,
  11. Optimization (PDF and Stochastic diffrential equations).

ENERGI200 will provide an overview over various energy resources focusing on renewable resources, as well as national and international energy use and production. 

Field course in wind energy (Fall)


Current supervision/co-supervision of PhD students

  • Christiane Duscha (GFI/UiB): Remote sensing of the atmospheric boundary layer for wind energy research (2019-2022)
  • Maria Krutova (GFI/UiB): Investigation of wave meandring behind wind turbines (2019-2023)
  • Martin Flügge (GFI/UiB): Characterization of the marine atmospheric boundary layer for offshore wind energy applications (2010-2013).

Accomplished supervision of PhD students:

Hamman Deilami Azodi (2018), 

Supervision of master students:

  • Rouzbeh Siavashi, 2017-2018: Modelling power output and structural response of offshore wind turbines as function of atmospheric stability and sea state.


[1] Large Eddy Simulation Modelling of Offshore Wind Farms Under the Influence of Varying Atmospheric Stability and Sea-State Conditions

[2] CONWIND: Research on smart operation control technologies for offshore windfarms (lead by NORCE)