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Nina Kristine Linge

PhD Candidate, The Grieg Academy – Department of Music (KMD)

Guitar, Voice, and Creative Filters: the formation of new potential in the realm of jazz and improvisational music.

The Research Catalogue (RC) Project abstract

The Research Catalogue (RC) Researcher profile

2010-08 - 2012-06 Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus)- Master of Music Degree GLOMAS, Master of Global Music

GLOMASThe Nordic Master of Global Music (GLOMAS) is a joint study program between Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (Finland) and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus (Denmark). The degree program is developed and implemented as a major project of the Glomus Network

2006-08 - 2010-06NTNU, Institutt for musikk - Music Performance Studies - Jazz Bachelor

2007-08 - 2008-06 Fridhems Folkehögskole - ”Musiklinjen för tjeier”. Jazzguitar
2005-08 - 2006-06 Nord Universitet - Music Teacher. 60 ECTS
2003-08 - 2004-06 Sogndal Folkehøyskole - Friluftsliv
1999-08 - 2003-06 Langhaugen Videregående skole - Musikk, dans og drama