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Thomas Hovmøller Ris, NORCE

Oda Marie Heimli

PhD Candidate, External PhD at RKBU Vest

I am a Ph.D scholar within child welfare in the research group ‘PACT – Pathways to Active Citizenship’ at Regional Knowledge center for Children and Youth, RKBU Vest. I have a bachelor’s degree in pedagogics and a master’s degree in child welfare. My research interests include child welfare, vulnerable groups in the society and child- and youth psychology.

My project

The title of my project is Resilience, health related quality of life and educational participation in unaccompanied refugee minors. These subjects will be researched through the following three articles:

Article 1: Protective factors associated with resilience among unaccompanied refugee minors.

Article 2: Health related quality of life for unaccompanied refugee minors.

Article 3: Educational participation among unaccompanied refugee minors receiving measures from the child welfare services.

This project will analyse already collected survey data from the ‘Pathways to Independence’ project for article 1 and 2 and analyse registry data from National educational database for article 3. The outcomes from the first article will be compared to the scores of a relevant comparison group from the youth@hordaland survey.

Funding: Norwegian Research Council

Supervisors: Kristin Gärtner Askeland, Ingrid Kvestad and Tormod Bøe