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Olav Mjaavatten

Senior Engineer, Senior engineer

Olav's main responsibilities are for the maintenance and running of the mass spectrometers and ancillary equipment available at PROBE. He is also involved in method development concerning protein and peptide separation and peptide quantification techniques using mass spectrometry on labelled/unlabelled peptides. In addition, he has responsibilities for handling sample preparation and analysis of service samples sent to PROBE, and performing necessary training in proteomics techniques for students and researchers.



Academic article
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Doctoral dissertation
  • Show author(s) (1997). Fatty acid profiles as a source of information in aquatic animals : a multivariate approach. -.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Show author(s) (2004). Seasonal distribution, diversity and biochemical composition of appendicularians in Norwegian fjords. 28 pages.
  • Show author(s) (2019). Quantitative proteomic analyses of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells reveal differentially expressed proteins in multiple sclerosis patients and healthy controls.
  • Show author(s) (2010). Peptide Side-Products of Lys Tag Derivatization reaction.
  • Show author(s) (2009). Proteomic Unit at UoB (PROBE) The Norwegian Proteomics centre.
  • Show author(s) (2009). Possible side-chemistries with guanidino labeling strategies of C-terminal lysine‐peptides: Effect of different derivatization conditions.

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Olav have a PhD in Analytical organic chemistry from the University of Bergen (1997). He has been working with HPLC, GC, MS techniques since then.

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