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Ole Thomassen Hjortland

Associate Professor, Philosophy
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Ole Hjortland's research is on logic and rationality. What makes an argument a good argument? What does it mean to think and act rationally? Are there universal norms for good reasoning? In 2016-2020 Hjortland is the Principal Investigator of a project on the philosophy of logic, funded by the Norwegian Research Council. He is an Associate Fellow of Arché Research Centre, University of St Andrews, and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich.

Hjortland serves on the editorial board of the Norwegian Journal of Philosophy and Ergo: an open access journal of philosophy.


Ph.D. University of St Andrews (Arché Research Centre), 2009
M.Litt. University of St Andrews, 2006
B.A. University of Bergen, 2004

Website: olehjortland.net

LOG110 Introduction to formal logic

LOG111 Deduction and metalogic

FIL126 Philosophy of language

FIL343 Research topic in theoretical philosophy (Truth)

LOG112 Introduction to philosophical logic



Hjortland, O. (ed.), (2015), The Foundations of Logical Consequence (with C. Caret), Oxford: OUP.


Journal articles and chapters (Peer reviewed)

Hjortland, O., (2015), ``Logical Consequence: Its nature, structure, and application'' (with Colin Caret), in The Foundations of Logical Consequence, eds. C. Caret & O. Hjortland, Oxford: OUP.  

Hjortland, O., (2014), ``Speech acts, categoricity, and the meanings of logical connectives'', Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 55: 445--467.

Hjortland, O., (2014), ``Verbal Disputes in Logic: Against minimalism for logical connectives'', Logique et Analyse, 227: 463--486.

Hjortland, O., (2014), ``Dynamic consequence for soft information'', Journal of logic and computation. doi: 10.1093/logcom/exu040. Online first.

Hjortland, O., (2013) ``Logical Pluralism, Meaning Variance, and Verbal Disputes'', Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 91(2): 355--373.

Hjortland, O., (2009), ``Inferentialism and the Categoricity Problem: Reply to Raatikainen'' (with J. Murzi), Analysis, 69(3).


Other publications

Hjortland, O. (2015), Review of Varieties of Logic by S. Shapiro, Philosophical Quarterly. doi: 10.1093/pq/pqv095.

Hjortland, O. (ed.), (2014), Special issue on formal epistemology, Erkenntnis, 79(6): 1089--268 (with B. Fitelson, V. Crupi, F. Steinberger).

Hjortland, O., (2012), ``Harmony and the Context of Deducibility'', in Insolubles and Consequences: Essays in honour of Stephen Read, eds. C. Dutilh Novaes and O. Hjortland, London: College Publications.

Hjortland, O. (ed.), (2012), Insolubles and Consequences: Essays in honour of Stephen Read, (with C. Dutilh Novaes), London: College Publications.


2016-2020 Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic (Norwegian Research Council). Principal Investigator.

2015-2016 The Logic of Truth (DFG-CONICET project). Principal investigator (with Eduardo Barrio, Buenos Aires). 

2013-2016 Mathematics: Objectivity by representation (ANR-DFG project). Project member. 

2009-2013 Foundations of Logical Consequence (AHRC project, Arché, St Andrews). Postdoctoral fellow.