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Ole Meyer

Chief Engineer
  • E-mailOle.Meyer@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 58 34 21
  • Visitor Address
    Realfagbygget, Allégt. 41
  • Postal Address
    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen
  • Documentation here.
  • Engineering related to upgrading Jan Mayen seismometer network.
  • Technical responsible for network of seismometers (at present 34 ea) located in mainland Norway, the Arctic islands Hopen and Bjørnøya, and Jan Mayen. Maintenance and upgrade of existing stations; for new ones: Site reconnaissance, property owner and entrepreneur contracting, design, installation and commissioning. An example (in Norwegian). Representative photo albums:
        (a) Vault construction
        (b) Seismometer installation.
  • Operation/maintenance geophysical instrumentation: Streamers (marine: 240 ch/3 km digital; analog; snow streamers), sub-bottom profilers, gravity meters, magnetometer, source control systems (airguns, detonating cord). Participation or support these surveys.
  • New research vessels, providing engineering support related to geophysical instrumentation:
        (a) R/V "Kristine Bonnevie" (2016-7)
        (b) R/V "Kronprins Haakon" (2015-7)
        (c) R/V "G.O. Sars" (2003)
  • Planning/procurement/commissioning instrument packages.
  • Instrumentation support (seismics) for Hovercraft "Sabvabaa" that recently completed one year Arctic survey.
  • Engineering: Software Linux/Unix (C, Python, Bash, Pascal), web related (PHP, JavaScript incl. JQuery, Python, AJAX), embedded AVR, 8086 (C, Basic, Assembly), electronics hardware.
  • Software using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), Seismic Unix incl. transcription of seismic data in various formats (SEG-Y/B/C/2).
  • Leader workgroup recommending department UNIX/Linux strategy.
  • Web server, wikis: Installation/maintenance


Journal articles
  • Meyer, Ole Petter; Peddie, D.; Kristoffersen, Yngve. 2008. Ny bøye vil gi mer seismiske data fra Polhavet. Geo. 11: 53-53.
Reports and theses
  • Bretel, Patrice; Lebedeva-Ivanova, Nina; Meyer, Ole Petter; Minakov, Alexander. 2014. Barents OBS 2014: Ocean Bottom Seismic Survey in the Barents Sea (BARPZ project: 'Barents Sea Paleozoic Basement and Basin Configuration'), RV HÅKON MOSBY. Cruise report. Cruise report. 1: 1. University of Oslo, Oslo. 35 pages.
  • Husebye, Eystein; Fedorenko, Iouri; Meyer, Ole Petter. 2000. Seismologi i Skolegården: Prosjektbeskrivelse. www2.ifjhf.uib.no/SEIS-SCHOOL/. MANGLER.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

NNSN (Norwegian national seismic network): Construction of new seismograph sites, upgrades on Jan Mayen, Hopen Island ....