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Academic article
  • 2020. Understanding model behavior using the Loops that Matter method. System Dynamics Review. 158-190.
  • 2020. Insights gained from a systematic reanalysis of a successful model-facilitated change process in health care. Systems research and behavioral science. 1-11.
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Popular scientific lecture
  • 2006. Systemiska konsekvensanalyser – att tänka efter före.
  • 2006. Bruk av systemdynamikk i analyse av pasientlogistikk ved Umeå Universitetssykehus.
  • 1998. Thinking Dynamically: Why & How.
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  • 1995. Modellering och simulering av dynamiska system f@ør undervisning av l@ærande (invitert foredrag).
  • 1995. Kurs i systemdynamikk.
  • 1995. Der R@øtli Management Simulator.
  • 1995. Bruk av systemdynamikk i økonomisk fluktasjonsanalyse (invitert foredrag).
  • 1995. Applying system dynamics to courseware development (invitert foredrag).
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  • 1993. Der R@ytli Management Simulator: a. The methodology, b. The model, c. The simulator. Foredrag knyttet til presentasjoner.
Academic lecture
  • 2011. System Dynamic Analysis for Development of Renewable Energy Resources in Country.
  • 2011. Residential Energy Efficiency Policy in Latvia: A System Dynamics Approach.
  • 2011. Measuring knowledge acquisition in dynamic decision making tasks.
  • 2011. A note on the bathtub analogy.
  • 2006. Systems thinking and System Dynamics in Swedish Health Care.
  • 2006. System Dynamics in Project Management.
  • 2006. System Dynamics & Complex Systems.
  • 2006. Modeling E-material Supply Chain.
  • 2006. Logistics of Emergency Treatment at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.
  • 2006. Estimation, prediction and policy design for population and universal primary education in Pakistan.
  • 2006. Estimation, Prediction and Policy Design for Population and Universal Primary Education in Pakistan.
  • 2006. Eigenvalue Analysis of System Dynamics Models: Another Perspective.
  • 2006. Corso di Laurea in Scienze di Internet; Information Technology and Management (http://www.internet.unibo.it/cgi-bin/drupal/prof_davidsen_maggio_2006).
  • 2006. "System Dynamics for Analysis, Policy Design and Strategy Development in Learning Organizations".
  • 2006. "Enhancing Organizational Intelligence: Analysis and Policy Design with System Dynamics".
  • 2005. World Oil: Hubbert’s Peak or the Return of Julian Simon?
  • 2005. Systemdynamikk i utdanning og ledelse.
  • 2005. System dynamics a multidisciplinary, model based approach to policy design and strategy development for sustainable development.
  • 2005. Principles of System Dynamics I & II.
  • 2005. Kompliserte Prosesser: hva kan beskrives ved simulering?
  • 2005. Kompleks Dynamik i Hälsovården.
  • 2005. Current research profiles in System Dynamics.
  • 2005. Bruk av simuleringsmodeller over pasientflyt i sykehus.
  • 2005. An investigation of the innovation performasnce in the capital goods sector in Colombia: using the Systenm Dynamics Approach.
  • 2005. An Automated System to Analyze System Dynamics Models.
  • 2005. A Comprehensive Eigenvalue Analysis of System Dynamics Models.
  • 2002. System Dynamics in the study of patient logistikk I & II.
  • 2002. System Dynamics in management.
  • 2001. The origin of business cycles.
  • 2001. The origin of behavior patterns.
  • 2000. Systems Dynamics-based Modeling, Analysis and Knowledge Dissemination.
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  • 2000. System dynamics- a method for knowledge acquisition, problem identification, policy design, and strategic management.
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  • 1999. Designing Collaborative Distance Learning Environments for Complex Domains.
  • 1998. The Dynamics of Electricity Production in a Norwegian Utility Company.
  • 1998. The Development, Illustration, and Evaluation of a Method for Analyzing Policy Development in Social Systems.
  • 1998. Tell Me: In Telemedical Support of Breast Cancer.
  • 1998. Tell Me: In Telemedical Support of Breast Cancer.
  • 1998. Simulation based learning environments.
  • 1998. Simulation based learning environments.
  • 1998. Production policies in a Norwegian Utility Company: Multiple Stakeholders and Trade-offs Between Technical and Economic Optimisation.
  • 1998. Production Policies in a Norwegian Utility Company: Multiple Stakeholders and Trade-offs Between Technical and Economic Optimization.
  • 1998. Modeling Resource management in Instructional Systems Development Projects.
  • 1998. Modeling Resource management in Instructional Systems Development Projects.
  • 1998. Learner collaboration in simulation based environments.
  • 1998. Learner collaboration in simulation based environments.
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  • 1998. Cognitive complexity in decision making and policy formulation: A system dynamics perspective.
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  • 1993. System dynamics as a Platform for Educational Software.
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  • 1993. Fuzzy System Dynamics.
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  • 2000. System dynamics and interactive learning environments in simulation and learning. Simulation & Gaming. 169-170.
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
  • 2014. Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. System Dynamics Society.
Academic monograph
  • 2016. System Dynamic Modelling in Bioeconomy Sector.
  • 1993. System Dynamics as a Platform for Instructional Hypermedia Production. To be published in Proceeding of the NATO Advanced Institu te on Automated Instructional Design, Grimstad.
Masters thesis
  • 2016. Modeling Price Dynamics in the Euro Area: a Multi-Industry Approach.
  • 2016. Modeling Patient Pathways in a Hospital Emergency Department: a Hybrid Approach.
  • 2016. Estimating the future strategy for containing the transmission and spread of an imminent Ebola Virus epidemic in Kenya. A System dynamics approach.
  • 2015. The economic sustainability of land-based aquaculture systems: An integrated analysis.
  • 2015. Modeling the Impact of Solar Energy on Health and Education A System Dynamics Approach to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 2015. Improving Potable Water Accessibility And Sustainability Through Efficient Management Of Pipe Water Supply System A Case Study Of Uganda-Kampala Region. A System Dynamics Approach. Can we make water systems Smarter?!!
  • 2015. Beyond diet and exercise: A system dynamics approach to understanding the relationships between weight and well-being .
  • 2014. The impact of engineering process on the cost of HVDC offshore converter station construction.
  • 2014. System Dynamics Perspective for dealing with adjustment and allocation of capacity at Breast Diagnostic Center (BDS).
  • 2014. ECCIS, A Model of Carbon Capture and Sequestration System for Enhance Oil Recovery Operations.
  • 2014. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Market Dynamics:Matching CO2 Supply and Demand for Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • 2014. Airport Ground staff Planning. A System Dynamics Report.
  • 2014. Airport Ground Staff Planning: A System Dynamics Approach.
  • 2013. The Management of Stochastic Logistic Systems using System Dynamics Methodology.
  • 2013. Small hydro power stations, a way to secure electricity supply in Colombia. A policy evaluation using a system dynamics model.
  • 2013. Policy for Weakening the Bullwhip Effect from Mental Perspectives-A System Dynamics Based Study.
  • 2013. Parameter Calibration of a System Dynamics Model A Comparison of Three Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • 2013. Agricultural Production and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia: System Dynamics Approach.
  • 2012. Workers’ Compensation pricing: a system dynamics analysis of the Colombian case.
  • 2012. The Dynamic of modern software development project management and the software crisis of quality. An integrated system dynamics approach towards software quality improvement.
  • 2012. Software Adoption in Health Care.
  • 2012. Modelling Ethanol Supply, Demand and Price in the Brazilian Macro Economy.
  • 2012. Modeling Aircraft Manufacturing: Decision Support Approach.
  • 2012. Group model building and quantitative modeling applied to a supply chain problem.
  • 2012. Attain and Sustain Competitive Advantage. A System Dynamics Model of Customer-based Brand Equity.
  • 2012. Acquisition Policy Design: An Application of System Dynamics for a Heavy Equipment Dealer in Southeast Asia.
  • 2012. A System Dynamics Approach to Data Center Capacity Planning.
  • 2011. The effectiveness of a new model structure behavior visualization technique: An Experimental study of the Forio Model Explorer.
  • 2011. Switzerland's "Flying Bank" Descends: Development of a System Dynamics-Based Teaching Case for Strategic Management.
  • 2011. Increase Malaysia Palm Oil Production efficiency.
  • 2011. Etiology Study of Diarrhea in ChildrenA Study Case in Casco Urbano HondurasA System Dynamics Approach for Policy Development.
  • 2011. Discrete Events in a Continuous SystemHow to model influence factors on capacity in a complex assembly line environment.
  • 2011. An Object-Oriented Approach To Managing Model Complexity.
  • 2011. A Dynamic Approach to Understanding the Nexus between Electric Power Demand and Economic Growth,Using a Generic Electricity Model: The Case of Ghana.
  • 2009. A Dynamic Analysis of Tourism Determinants in Sicily.
  • 2008. Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programs in Colombia: Methodology Analysis using a System Dynamics Approach.
  • 2008. Intermodal Logistics System Simulation Model & The Empty Container Flows.
  • 2007. Dynamics that Maintain the Leadership Gap: Justice, Gender, and the Family by Susan Moller Okin.
  • 2006. The Emergency Patient Flow at Haukeland University Hospital – A System Dynamics Description and Analysis.
  • 2006. System Dynamics Based Study of HIV/AIDS Eoidemics in China.
  • 2006. Modeling U.S. Energy with Threshold 21 (T21).
  • 2006. A System Dynamics Model of the E-Material Supply Chain.
  • 2004. The Institutional Influence on a Developing Country's Economy: A Case of Cap Verde.
  • 2004. System Dynamics-based Study of the Social Care Service in Norway.
  • 2004. System Dynamics-Based Simulators. A Supporting Tool for Business Case-Based Teaching.
  • 2004. Performance Measuring in a City Water Company: Building a Balnced Scorecard through a System Dynamics Approach.
  • 2004. Instantaneous processes. A practical requirement of System Dynamics.
  • 2004. An Automated System to Analyze System Dynamics Models. Case Study: Commodity Production Cycles.
  • 2004. An Automated System to Analyze System Dynamics Models.
  • 2004. A Study of the Drug Abusing Population in Norway.
Popular scientific article
  • 1998. Relatione tra struttura sistemica e comportamenti. Harold Software and Management Magazine. 24-27.
Letter to the editor
  • 2004. Reflections on the European system dynamics workshop. Systems research and behavioral science. 471-473.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2019. Agent-based modeling for environmental management. Case study: virus dynamics affecting Norwegian fish farming in fjords.
  • 2018. An Integrated Theory for the Accumulation of Mentally Ill Offenders and the Effect of Realignment in California.
  • 2012. System Dynamics Models for Assessing the Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Innovation Systems - The case of improved Maize Seed Varieties in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 2011. Using a Water Tank Analogy to Transform Students’ Intuitive Knowledge of Dynamic Systems: A Qualitative Study of the Case of Motion.
  • 2009. Public indebtness and fiscal policy restructuring for socia-economic development.
  • 2009. Modeling resource-based growth for development policy analysis.
  • 2009. An integrated approach to support energy policy formulation and evaluation.
  • 2008. Synthesizing System Dynamics and Geographic Information Systems in a new method to Model and Simulate Environmental Systems.
  • 2008. Financial policy structuring for national development planning.
  • 2007. Visualization of Complex Systems.
  • 2006. Designing interactive learning environments to support learners' understanding in complex domains.
  • 2004. DYNAMICS OF SECURITY COMPLIANCE: Case of IT-based Work Environment.
Magister thesis
  • 2007. Ptient flow through the sentral surgery unit at Haukeland Universitetssykehus.
  • 2004. Strategic Corporate Sales Policy Design: A system dynamics analysis. Siemens Turkey Case.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2018. A systems education at Bergen. 7 pages.
  • 2003. Model facilitated Learning. 17 pages.
  • 2000. Designing Technology Enhanced Learning Environments. 20 pages.
  • 1999. Designing Technology Enhanced Learning Environments. 1 pages.
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  • 1997. Cognitive complexity in system dynamics based learning environments. 8 pages.
  • 1995. Employment of system dynamics in modelling of instructional design (ISD4).
  • 1994. The System Dynamics Approach to Computer-Based Management Learning Environments. 1 pages.
Academic literature review
  • 2020. How do oil prices and investments impact the dynamics of firm value? 74-100.

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