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Paola de Cuzzani

Professor, philosophy
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My fields of research are modern philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of medicine, in particular French philosophy of medicine with special emphasis on the problem of medicalisation, and medical ethics.  I published a book on this particular subject in 2003.

I have also published several articles in French, Italian, English and Norwegian concerning the problem of tolerance in modern philosophy, the interpretation of the woman’s being in Spinoza’s thinking, the concept of peace, epistemology of medicine, and the problem of normality and pathology in modern medicine, the concept of trust from a historical-critical perspective.My  interests in in social philosophy concentrate first on intercultural relations and the problem of diversity. Now I'm working with a research project where I explore  the complex relationship between rationality and emotions with a special focus on their roles in politics. My focus is to analyse the theoretical genesis of the modern state and democracy, and the role played by some passions and sentiments in the construction and deconstruction of the political body.

I have had courses within History of philosophy, Modern philosophy (main focus on Descartes, Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, Rousseau), French philosophy, Social Philosophy and History of ideas.

Academic article
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 2019. “Political cohesion, friendship and hostility”. Nordicum-Mediterraneum. 19 pages.
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 2017. Prejudices, philosophy and Language: Spinoza and his “strategy of liberation. Nordicum-Mediterraneum. 15 pages.
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria; Johnsen, Kari Hoftun. 2015. Pragmatic universalism – A basis of coexistence of multiple diversities. Nordicum-Mediterraneum. 20 pages.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria; Pasini, Mirella. 2009. Filosofens yrke: fornuften som mulighet. Om den italienske neoilluminismens arvtakere: S. Veca, E. Lecaldano, F. Baroncelli og R. Bodei. Agora : Journal for metafysisk spekulasjon. 118-142.
  • De, Cuzzani Paola Maria. 2003. Medisin som poiesis. Norsk Filosofisk tidsskrift. 5-10.
  • De, Cuzzani Paola Maria. 2003. "Imaginatio" og demokrati hos Spinoza. Agora : Journal for metafysisk spekulasjon. 137-149.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2002. une anthropologie de l'homme decentre. Philosophique. 7-23.
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 1994. "Genetic Technology and Medicine in the light of G. Canguilhem's Concept of the Normal". Philosophy and medicine. 20.
Reader opinion piece
  • Lillebø, Jonas Gamborg; De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 2015. Historiens rolle. Salongen : Nettstedet for filosofi og idéhistorie.
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 2010. : “Paura e sicurezza nell’Europa delle diversità” in Trust and Fear Fiducia e paura, red. Mirella Pasini, Paola de Cuzzani, Città del Silenzio, Genova 2010. Citta del silenzio.
  • Lillebø, Jonas Gamborg; De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2009. FIDUCIA E PAURA / FEAR AND TRUST. Città del silenzio edizioni. Via Cavanna 28 - Novi Ligure .
Academic monograph
  • De, Cuzzani Paola Maria. 2003. A lese medisinen. Normalitet og patologi i den franske medisinfilosofi.
Masters thesis
  • Starheim, Kristian Kobbenes. 2011. Knowledge production in experimental molecular medicine - Primers for a reflexive life knowledge.
  • Lillebø, Jonas Gamborg; De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2007. Vitskapleg rasjonalitet mellom sanning og histoire.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 2017. Universalismo, transindividualità e genesi dei diritti . 13 pages.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2015. Baruch Spinoza: Democracy and Freedom of Speech. 24 pages.
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 2014. Trust as feeling of expectation. Machiavelli: fede, trust and political construction. 17 pages.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2013. Fiducia indice di coesione sociale. 21 pages.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2013. Baruch Spinoza – demokrati og ytringsfrihet. 31 pages.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2009. Medicine as poiesis. The relation between clinical and theoretical knowledge. 7 pages.
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria. 2008. Le "profezie" biomediche del positivismo: Auguste Comte e le mucche carnivore. 20 pages.
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 1999. Essence et existence dans la pensée de Spinoza: une question irresolue. -14 pages.
  • De Cuzzani, Paola Maria. 1996. Forkjellene og indignasjonen: toleransens mulige veier. 12 pages.
Popular scientific book
  • De Cuzzani , Paola Maria; Rørstadbotten, Gro. 2009. Tidslinjer - Ideenes Historie fra Homer til Aasen. Spartacus.

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Major project experience


  • 2014 -: Trust/mistrust facing the problem of diversity: Historical deconstruction and reconstruction.
  • 2011 - 2014:     P.I of project “Interculturalism and Diversities: Developing intercultural models and thinking in the Nordic countries” with partner from Denmark and Sweden.
  • 2010 - 2011: P.I of project “Arbeidsmiljøet for innvandrere på flerkulturelle arbeidsplasser” with partner from Denmark and Sweden.
  • 2008 - 2009: P.I. of project “Multiculturalism, Universalism and Diversities: Developing intercultural thinking“, with partner from Norway, Sweden, Italy Denmark and Lithuania.
  • 2006 - 2007: P.I. of project ”Universalism, Diversity and Violence. Understanding European secular and religious values” with partner from Norway, Italy, France, Lithuania, Sweden and Algeria.