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Adviser, Department of Geography and Department of Social Anthropology:

• Advisory and administrative support on matters related to externally funded research projects from the inception to application, financial management, monitoring and completion.

• Advisory and administrative support in promoting international cooperation including development of formalized institutional agreements covering research cooperation and student exchange.

• Administrative support to running a MPhil programme.

Contact person for visiting guest researchers.

Secretary to the Departmental Research Committee, Department of Social Anthropology


Reports and publications

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1974. Employment Potential in Ghana Textile Industry. MA dissertation, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.

1972. Market Socialism in Yugoslavia. BA dissertation, Birmingham University.


1980 - 1989 Norwegian School of Business Administration, Bergen, Norway: three months courses in Public budgeting and planning; Business accounting; Introduction to data processing; and Organization theory

1973 - 1974 School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, England: Master of Arts in Area Studies - Africa

1972 - 1973 Oxford University, England: Diploma in Economic Development

1969 - 1972 Birmingham University, England: Bachelor of Social Science, Honours Economics


Experience from the public sector in Botswana (Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government and Lands) and Norway (University of Bergen), development organizations (UNIDO, UNDP, NORAD) as well as from independent consultancy work. The relevant fields include development related research, project management, financial and human resource management, and system development.