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Qaiser Waheed

Postdoctoral fellow
  • E-mailQaiser.Waheed@uib.no
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    Thormøhlensgt. 53 A/B
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    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen
Academic article
  • Waheed, Qaiser; Khan, Hanif Muhammad; He, Tao; Roberts, Mary F.; Gershenson, Anne; Reuter, Nathalie. 2019. Interfacial Aromatics Mediating Cation−π Interactions with Choline-Containing Lipids Can Contribute as Much to Peripheral Protein Affinity for Membranes as Aromatics Inserted below the Phosphates. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 3972-3977.
  • Khan, Muhammad Tanveer; Dalvin, Sussie; Waheed, Qaiser; Nilsen, Frank; Male, Rune. 2018. Molecular characterization of the lipophorin receptor in the crustacean ectoparasite Lepeophtheirus salmonis. PLOS ONE. 1-23.
  • Aksnes, Henriette; Goris, Marianne; Strømland, Øyvind; Drazic, Adrian; Waheed, Qaiser; Reuter, Nathalie; Arnesen, Thomas. 2017. Molecular determinants of the N-Terminal acetyltransferase Naa60 anchoring to the Golgi membrane. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 6821-6837.

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