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Ragnhild Haugse

Assistant Professor
  • E-mailRagnhild.Haugse@uib.no
  • Visitor Address
    Haukeland universitetssykehus, Laboratoriebygget
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    Postboks 7804
    5020 Bergen
Academic article
  • Haugse, Ragnhild; Langer, Anika; Gullaksen, Stein-Erik; Sundøy, Silje Maria; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore; Kotopoulis, Spiros; Mc Cormack, Emmet. 2019. Intracellular signaling in key pathways is induced by treatment with ultrasound and microbubbles in a leukemia cell line, but not in healthy peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Pharmaceutics. 1-17.
  • Haaland, Ingvild; Opsahl, Jill Anette; Berven, Frode; Reikvam, Håkon; Fredly, Hanne Kristin; Haugse, Ragnhild; Thiede, Bernd; McCormack, Emmet ; Lain, Sonia; Bruserud, Øystein; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore. 2014. Molecular mechanisms of nutlin-3 involve acetylation of p53, histones and heat shock proteins in acute myeloid leukemia. Molecular Cancer.
  • Kotopoulis, Spiros; Haugse, Ragnhild; Mujic, Maja; Sulen, Andre; Gullaksen, Stein-Erik; McCormack, Emmet ; Gilja, Odd Helge; Postema, Michiel; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore. 2014. Evaluation of the effects of clinical diagnostic ultrasound in combination with ultrasound contrast agents on cell stress: Single cell analysis of intracellular phospho-signaling pathways in blood cancer cells and normal blood leukocytes. IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings. 1186-1190.
Masters thesis
  • Sundøy, Silje Maria. 2018. Investigation of protein signalling pathways activated by sonoporation in cancer.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Mujic, Maja; Haugse, Ragnhild; Kotopoulis, Spiros; Sulen, Andre; Gilja, Odd Helge; Postema, Michiel; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore. 2013. Ultrasound combined with microbubbles modulates signal transduction pathways in blood cells. 2 pages.
  • Kotopoulis, Spiros; Haugse, Ragnhild; Postema, Michiel. 2013. Sonoporation: the hurdles that need to be surpassed. 2 pages.
Academic literature review
  • Singh, Aditi; Myklebust, Nikolai Norevik; Furevik, Sarah Marie Vie; Haugse, Ragnhild; Herfindal, Lars. 2019. Immunoliposomes in acute myeloid leukaemia therapy. An overview of possible targets and obstacles. 5278-5292.

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