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Roxana Baltaru

Associate Professor

Prior to my appointment as Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Bergen, I taught and conducted research in the UK. For several years, I worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. I got my PhD in Sociology from the University of Essex. I was also a Visiting Researcher at the Stanford Graduate School of Education in the US. 

My research lies at the intersections of Sociology of Education, Institutional Theory, and Organizational Studies. My most recent work focuses on the organizational transformation of universities worldwide, covering issues of administrative growth, the institutionalization of new university missions, inclusion, internationalization, and financial sustainability. 

I am especially interested in how empirical research in the field of social sciences can be used to question the capabilities of purposive organizational action. At the theoretical level, I explore how contrasting insights from functionalist perspectives and global institutional perspectives can help us make sense of one of the biggest social problems of our time - the dislocation between formal goals and action. 

I am currently engaged in a research project funded by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Foundation, where I explore the (de)coupling between institutional missions and practice, using the case study of inclusion-oriented goals in universities.


Latest publications

Baltaru, R.D., Manac, R.D., Miruna, I. (2022). Do Rankings affect Financial Sustainability? Financial Vulnerability to Rankings and Elite Status as a Positional Good. Studies in Higher Education, 2323-2335.

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