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Runar Lie Berge

PhD Candidate
  • E-mailRunar.Berge@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 58 48 53+47 415 76 703
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    Realfagbygget, Allégt. 41
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    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen
Journal articles
  • Berge, Runar Lie; Berre, Inga; Keilegavlen, Eirik. 2019. Reactivation of fractures in subsurface reservoirs - A numerical approach using a static-dynamic friction model. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. 126: 653-660. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-96415-7_60
  • Keilegavlen, Eirik; Fumagalli, Alessio; Berge, Runar Lie; Stefansson, Ivar. 2019. Implementation of mixed-dimensional models for flow in fractured porous media. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. 126: 573-580. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-96415-7_52
  • Berge, Runar Lie; Klemetsdal, Øystein; Lie, Knut-Andreas. 2018. Unstructured Voronoi grids conforming to lower-dimensional objects. Computational Geosciences. 23: 169-188. doi: 10.1007/s10596-018-9790-0
Book sections
  • Berre, Inga; Berge, Runar Lie; Keilegavlen, Eirik; Ucar, Eren. 2018. Three-dimensional numerical modelling of fracture reactivation due to fluid injection in geothermal reservoirs. artikkel. In:
    • ARMA, 2018. 2018. 2nd International Discrete Fracture Network Engineering Conference.
  • Klemetsdal, Øystein; Berge, Runar Lie; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Nilsen, Halvor Møll; Møyner, Olav. 2017. Unstructured Gridding and Consistent Discretizations for Reservoirs with Faults and Complex Wells. SPE-182666-MS, pages . In:
    • Vink, Jeroen; Klie, Hektor; Austin, Andy; Beckner, Brett; Bratvedt, Kyrre; Cao, Hui; Cominelli, Alberto; Ding, Didier-Yu; Fung, Larry; Geiger, Sebastian; Gerritsen, Margot; Guo, Ying; Jansen, Jan-Dirk; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Mallison, Bradley T.; Muggeridge, A.; Shaw, Gareth; Shrivastava, Vijay; Tchelepi, Hamdi; Wheeler, Mary F.; Wu, Xiao-Hui; Younis, Rami; Zhang, Dong. 2017. SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference, 20-22 February, Montgomery, Texas, USA. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2000 pages. ISBN: 978-1-61399-483-2.

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