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Samuel Ignatius Pereira

PhD Candidate
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My research aims at understanding the high-temperature fate of the hydrothermal deep biosphere. I'm interested in the formation of organic molecules as a result of pyrolysis of microbial biomass (Archaeal and Bacterial) under various hydrothermal conditions, using both an experimental as well as a field approach. My field of interest also includes understanding the effects of fluid-rock interactions, magma degassing, sub-surface cooling and mixing of seawater on hydrothermal fluids using fluid geochemistry and thermodynamic modelling. I'm based at the Department of Earth Sciences and the Centre for Deep Sea Research . 



2019 GS19 ► R/V GO Sars/ROVÆgir ►Arctic Mid-Oceanic ridge: 73°N Vent Site

2019 PS119 ► R/V Polarstern/ROV Quest 4000m ► East Scotia ridge and South Sandwich island arc 

2018 M149 ► R/V Meteor/MeBo-70 ► Gulf of Cadiz


Curriculum Vitae

  • 08/2021-present: PhD Research Fellow, University of Bergen.
  • 10/2017-01/2021: MSc Marine Geosciences, University of Bremen, Germany.          Thesis: Geochemical investigations of hydrothermal fluids from the South Sandiwch island arc, Southern Ocean.
  • 07/2014-07/2021: BSc Geology, St Xavier's College, University of Mumbai, India. 
  • 2021

Article in Aftenposten (The search for the origin of life) about NFR project HyPOD. 

  • 2020

Expedition PS119 (Into the Deep) blog post in Google Arts and Culture

 Cruise Reports

  • Diehl A, Pereira S, Köster M, Bach W (2019): Hydrothermal fluids & precipitates, in: Bohrmann G., (ed.) The expedition PS119 of the Research Vessel POLARSTERN to the Eastern Scotia Sea in 2019. Reports on Polar and Marine Research 736, 87–94.(doi:10.2312/BzPM_0736_2019)
  • Pereira S, Hüpers A (2018): Geochemistry of pore-fluids, in: Hüpers A., (ed.). Preliminary results of R/V METEOR cruise M149: Shipboard and Post-Cruise Analysis, Recurrence of tsunamigenic hazards from MeBo drilling records and hazard mitigation using MeBo observatories, Las Palmas (Canary Islands) – Cadiz (Spain), 24.07.2018 – 24.08.2018. Berichte aus dem MARUM und dem Fachbereich Geowissenschaften der Universität Bremen.(10.26092/elib/100)