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Sara Thørnqvist

Associate Professor
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  • Phone+47 472 59 063
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    5020 BERGEN
Academic article
  • Rørvik, Eivind; Thørnqvist, Sara; Ytre-Hauge, Kristian. 2019. The experimental dose ranges influence the LETd dependency of the proton minimum RBE (RBEmin). Physics in Medicine and Biology. 1-10.
  • Busch, Kia; Muren, Ludvig Paul; Thørnqvist, Sara; Andersen, Andreas G.; Pedersen, Jesper; Dong, Lei; Petersen, Jørgen Brede Baltzer. 2019. On-line dose-guidance to account for inter-fractional motion during proton therapy. Physics and imaging in radiation oncology (PIRO). 7-13.
  • Hysing, Liv Bolstad; Ekanger, Christian; Zolnay, Ándras; Helle, Svein Inge; Rasi, Mana; Heijmen, Ben J.M.; Sikora, Marcin; Söhn, Matthias; Muren, Ludvig Paul; Thørnqvist, Sara. 2018. Statistical motion modelling for robust evaluation of clinically delivered accumulated dose distributions after curative radiotherapy of locally advanced prostate cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 327-335.
  • Rørvik, Eivind; Fjæra, Lars Fredrik; Dahle, Tordis Johnsen; Dale, Jon Espen; Engeseth, Grete May; Stokkevåg, Camilla Hanquist; Thørnqvist, Sara; Ytre-Hauge, Kristian. 2018. Exploration and application of phenomenological RBE models for proton therapy. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 1-21.
  • Busch, Kia; Andersen, Andreas G.; Casares-Magaz, Oscar; Petersen, Jørgen B.B.; Bentzen, Lise; Thørnqvist, Sara; Muren, Ludvig Paul. 2017. Evaluating the influence of organ motion during photon vs. proton therapy for locally advanced prostate cancer using biological models. Acta Oncologica. 839-845.
  • Gravgaard Andersen, Andreas; Casares-Magaz, Oscar; Petersen, Jørgen; Toftegaard, Jakob; Bentzen, Lise; Thørnqvist, Sara; Muren, Ludvig Paul. 2017. Beam angle evaluation to improve inter-fraction motion robustness in pelvic lymph node irradiation with proton therapy. Acta Oncologica. 846-852.
  • Rørvik, Eivind; Thørnqvist, Sara; Stokkevåg, Camilla Hanquist; Dahle, Tordis Johnsen; Fjæra, Lars Fredrik; Ytre-Hauge, Kristian. 2017. A phenomenological biological dose model for proton therapy based on linear energy transfer spectra. Medical Physics (Lancaster). 2586-2594.
  • Andersen, Andreas G.; Casares-Magaz, Oscar; Muren, Ludvig Paul; Toftegaard, Jakob; Bentzen, Line; Thørnqvist, Sara; Petersen, Jørgen B.B. 2015. A method for evaluation of proton plan robustness towards inter-fractional motion applied to pelvic lymph node irradiation. Acta Oncologica. 1643-1650.
Academic literature review
  • Thørnqvist, Sara; Hysing, Liv Bolstad; Tuomikoski, Laura; Vestergaard, Anne; Tanderup, Kari; Muren, Ludvig Paul; Heijmen, Ben J.M. 2016. Adaptive radiotherapy strategies for pelvic tumors – a systematic review of clinical implementations. 943-958.

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