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Sergej Stoppel

Postdoctoral fellow, As a PostDoc at UiB I am actively involved in research and teaching. Currently I am involved in the supervision of two PhD students that work on exemplar based video stylization using neural networks and data driven information visualization respectively.
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    HIB - Thormøhlensgt. 55
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    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen

My current research interest is focused on the field of visual data science. By analyzing the intrinsic dimensionality of the data, I work on finding a suitable visual embedding for the data and thus create visualization methods tailored to specifically for the data. Additionally I am interested in high dimensional parameter space exploration and intuitive interaction techniques that support users with complex tasks, by predicting the users intention and providing appropriate support. My latest research projects focused on automatic and time efficient determination of parameter settings for larger algorithmic systems, by exploiting parallel computing and evaluating the parameter space.

Academic article
  • Solteszova, Veronika; Smit, Noeska Natasja; Stoppel, Sergej; Grüner, Renate; Bruckner, Stefan. 2019. Memento: Localized time‐warping for spatio‐temporal selection. Computer graphics forum (Print). 1-13.
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Book review
  • Stoppel, Sergej. 2015. Conference Report IEEE VIS 2014. Norsigd Info. 7-8.
Doctoral dissertation
  • Stoppel, Sergej. 2018. User-Centric Parameter Specification for Interactive Virtual and Physical Visual Representations.

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