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Sissel Undheim

Professor, Study of Religion
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Didactics of religion

· Textbook-religion
· Multimodality and teaching religion
· Images and art in religious education
· Children, popular culture and religion

Religions in antiquity

· Roman religion
· Church Fathers
· Sacred virgins, virgin martyrs, male virgins
· Gender, sexuality, asceticism and sanctity



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Processions of light. Celebrating Saint Lucy in Norwegian schools and society.


Apocalypses and pixie dust. Religion and popular culture.

The Demigods Amongst Us: Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus and Contemporary Religious Change. Theology and the Riordanverse, edited by Nathan E. Fleeson and Carolyn M. Jones Medine.

Forthcoming 2023, Lexington

The magic of the multiverse. Easter eggs, superhuman beings and metamodernism in Marvel’s story worlds.  Comics and Religion, edited by Kees de Groot

Forthcoming 2023, Bloomsbury

See Comics, Culture, and Religion: Faith Imagined: Kees de Groot: Bloomsbury Academic