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Stefán Hjörleifsson

Associate Professor
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    Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin
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    5020 Bergen

Overdiagnosis and overmedicalization, medical ethics and clinical communication, disease as a product of biology, culture and (loss of) meaning, intercultural issues in the medical encounter.

Ethics of biomedical research, clinical ethics, communication and consultation skills, psychiatry in general practice, gastroenterology in general practice.

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Academic lecture
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Non-fiction book
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Popular scientific article
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Feature article
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
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Academic literature review
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Selected publications related to current research

Diaz, Esperanza; Raza, Ali; Sandvik, Hogne; Hjørleifsson, Stefan.
Immigrant and native regular general practitioners in Norway. A comparative registry-based observational study. European Journal of General Practice 2013 ;Volum 19.

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Iden, Kristina Riis; Engedal, Knut Arne; Hjørleifsson, Stefan; Ruths, Sabine.
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Hjørleifsson, Stefan.
Challenging population screening. I: Public Health - ethical issues. Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers 2011 ISBN 978-92-893-2234-8. s. 47-60


2014 Supervisor (trainer) in general practice.

2011 Specialist GP.

2008 Dr med, thesis: Genetics, risk and medicalization
A case study of preventive genetic technologies in Iceland.

1999 Cand med.

1992 BA in philosophy.


Fields of competence