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Academic article
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Popular scientific lecture
  • Show author(s) (2013). Biologi og bekjemplse av Brunskogsnegl (Arion vulgaris).
Academic lecture
  • Show author(s) (2018). The evolution of specialisation and generalism in bedbugs (Cimicidae) .
  • Show author(s) (2014). A molecular phylogeny of the bed bug family (Cimicidae): preliminary results.
  • Show author(s) (2012). Kartlegging av insekter knyttet til vann og fuktige habitater i Finnmark.
  • Show author(s) (2009). Die Wanzen Norwegens:Arten, Rote Liste und Erfassungsstand (Heteroptera in Norway: species, Red Data List and knowledge).
Popular scientific article
  • Show author(s) (2012). Vannelskende insekter i Finnmark. Årbok for Universitetsmuseet i Bergen. 92-103.
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  • Show author(s) (2012). Buchbesprechung "Suomen Luteet" (Die Wanzen Finnlands). Heteropteron. 2-2.
  • Show author(s) (2009). Mystisk insekt.
  • Show author(s) (2009). Fyrste Funn i fylket.
Museum exhibition
  • Show author(s) (2019). Insekter - en million suksesshistorier.
  • Show author(s) (2019). De første virveldyr på land.
  • Show author(s) (2009). The genetic structure of common toad (Bufo bufo) populations under long-term, natural fragmentation.

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  • Phylogeny and ecology of the Cimicidae: Bedbugs, or Cimicidae, copulate in a spectacular way: males pierce the cuticle of the female and transfer their sperm into the female body (traumatic insemination). In at least two cimicid species this reproductive mode has been shown or implicated to result in sexual conflict, a process that is known to accelerate the rate of evolutionary change. The aims of this study are a) revealing the molecular phylogenetic relationship within the Cimicidae and b) to reconstructing the evolution of sexual organs, particularly the female copulatory organ which seems to ameliorate the damage caused by the male.

  • Evolution of reproductive systems in damselbugs (Nabidae) - Linking behaviour, morphology and phylogeny
  • Phylogeny and ecology of Mantophasmatodea
  • Faunistics of Heteroptera in Norway
  • Population dynamics of Amphibians in Norway

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