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Stian Almenningen

PhD Candidate
Journal articles
  • Almenningen, Stian; Flatlandsmo, Josef; Kovscek, Anthony R.; Ersland, Geir; Fernø, Martin. 2017. Determination of Pore-Scale Hydrate Phase Equilibria in Sediments Using Lab-on-a-Chip Technology. Lab on a Chip. 17: 4070-4076. doi: 10.1039/c7lc00719a
  • Almenningen, Stian; Fernø, Martin; Ersland, Geir; Flatlandsmo, Josef. 2016. Multiscale laboratory verification of depressurization for production of sedimentary methane hydrates. SPE Journal. 22: 138-147. doi: 10.2118/180015-PA

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