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Dinoflagellate cyst and acritarch biostratigraphy of the mid to high northern latitude oceans

Neogene stratigraphy and depositional history of the North Sea and Norwegian Sea

Neogene and Quaternary palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate of the mid- to high latitude oceans (North Atlantic, Nordic Seas, Arctic, Pacific), including the evolution of the North Atlantic Current

Pliocene millennial-scale ocean and climate variability

Multi-proxy research combining dinoflagellate cysts and foraminifera (Mg/Ca, stable isotopes) for palaeoceanography and palaeoecology

Ecology of extinct dinoflagellate cysts and acritarchs

Journal articles
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Book sections
  • De Schepper, Stijn. 2013. Combining dinoflagellate cyst studies with geochemical proxies: application to palaeoceanography, palaeoecology and biostratigraphy. Chapter, pages 31-41. In:
    • Lewis, Jane M.; Marret, Fabienne; Bradley, Lee. 2013. Biological and Geological Perspectives of Dinoflagellates. 364 pages. ISBN: 978-1-86239-368-4.

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Past positions

2006–2011 Postdoctoral researcher at Geosciences Department, University of Bremen (Germany) (Europrox, MARUM, DFG projects SCHE 1665/2-1 and 1665/2-2)


2006 PhD, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, UK. PhD thesis: Plio–Pleistocene dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the eastern North Atlantic and southern North Sea Basin. Supervisors: MJ Head and PL Gibbard.

2001 D.E.A. (MSc) Plant Micropaleontology and Palynology, Université de Liège, Belgium

1996-2000 Candidate and Licenciate in Geology, Ghent University, Belgium

Stratigraphy of Neogene CO2 storage formations in the North Sea - dating the Utsira Sands (in cooperation with Statoil ASA)

Pliocene millennial-scale North Atlantic and Nordic Seas palaeoceanography

Neogene to Quaternary dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy of the Bering Sea