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Tipping Points
The main question driving the Artistic Research ‘Tipping Points’ emerges out of a deep fascination with the sounds, timbres and sonic behaviors that appear when chaotic processes transition towards instability.

‘How can the exploration of tipping points in chaotic processes inform the development of new electronic music instruments, compositional strategies and performances to enhance sonic expression?’

This question will serve as a guiding beacon as the interdisciplinary research progresses through a range of interconnected activities, engaging in instrument design, comprovisation and performance in a context where the sonic output will be inherently unpredictable. Yet it is precisely this untamed quality that also instigates poetic, fragile expressions where resonance deteriorates into complex modulations. As such, my field encompasses instrument design & building, comprovisation and performance, acknowledging that each of these activities are intrinsically linked and influence one another.

Other presentation
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Musical performance
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Tijs Ham ('81) is a Sound Artist from the Netherlands working in the field of live electronic music and sound art. He is the co-founder of the 'Soundlings Collective' and has worked for the STEIM foundation as an artist, organizer as well as a member of their artistic board. In his art practice he focuses on chaotic processes and expression which is also the driving theme of his Artistic Research at the UiB.