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Tony Leino

Postdoctoral fellow
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  • Gambling Behavior
  • Gaming Machines
  • Structural Game Characteristics
  • Psyk100 Introduction to Psychology (UoB)
  • Psyk202 Psychological research methods (UoB)
  • Psyk207 Learning and Behavioural Psychology (UoB), Seminars
  • Psyk208 Affect og Cognition (UoB), Seminars
  • Psyk304 Experimental methods and statistics (UoB), Data lab
  • Propsy305 Cognitive psychology
  • Leino, Tony; Torsheim, Torbjørn; Griffiths, Mark D.; Pallesen, Ståle. 2019. The relationship between gambling disorder and substance use disorder: A nationwide longitudinal register study .
  • Leino, Tony. 2019. The relationship between gambling disorder and substance abuse disorder: a health registry study.
  • Leino, Tony; Torsheim, Torbjørn; Molde, Helge; Andreassen, Cecilie Schou; Pallesen, Ståle. 2019. The relationship between SUD and GD: a nationwide longitudinal health registry study.
  • Pallesen, Ståle; Torsheim, Torbjørn; Leino, Tony. 2019. Sammenhengen mellom pengespillidelse og rusmisbrukslidelser: Analyse av registerdata. .
  • Rämö, Matti; Leino, Tony; Airas, Anssi; Dixon, Mike. 2019. Myös Veikkauksen verkkopeleissä käytössä olevat valevoitot hämäävät rahapelaajia – Tutkija: ”Pelaajat sekoittavat valevoittoja oikeisiin”.
  • Leino, Tony. 2019. Kan kostnader knyttet til implementering av ulike RG tiltak rettferdiggjøres basert på deres empiriske evidens?
  • Leino, Tony. 2018. Structural game characteristics, game features, financial outcomes and gambling behaviour.
  • Sagoe, Dominic; Pallesen, Ståle; Hanss, Daniel; Leino, Tony; Molde, Helge; Mentzoni, Rune Aune; Torsheim, Torbjørn. 2018. Mental health symptoms and gambling behaviour: A longitudinal study from adolescence to emerging adulthood. Journal of Behavioral Addictions.
  • Sagoe, Dominic; Pallesen, Ståle; Griffiths, Mark D.; Mentzoni, Rune Aune; Leino, Tony. 2018. Does individual gambling behavior vary across gambling venues with differing numbers of terminals? An empirical real-world study using player account data. Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Sagoe, Dominic; Eide, Tine Almenning; Øhrn, Heidi; Leino, Tony Mathias; Mentzoni, Rune Aune; Pallesen, Ståle. 2017. Negative wins do not reinforce ‘short-term’ slot machine gambling intensity, game evaluation, and gambling beliefs. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. 1-11.

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Leino, T., Torsheim, T., Pallesen, S., Blaszczynski, A., Sagoe, D., Molde, H. (2016). Losses disguised as wins and gambling behavior in EGMs. European Association for the Study of Gambling. 

Leino, T., Gainsbury, S., Blaszczynski, A., Griffiths, M. D., Mentzoni, R., A., Pallesen, S. & Molde, H. (2015) An empirical investigation of past financial outcomes and monthly expenditure among VLT gamblers. SNSUS - Stockholm, Sweden.

Leino, T. & Molde, H. (2013). Structural characteristics in Gambling Machines and Gambling Behavior: Do Machine Features influence Gambling Behavior?. National Association for Gambling Studies Inc. - Sydney, Australia.


Leino, T., Torsheim, T., Blaszczynski, A., Griffiths, M. D., Mentzoni, R. A., Pallesen, S. & Molde, H. (2014). The relationship between structural game characteristics and gambling behaviour: A population-level study. 10th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues - Helsingfors, Finland.

  • Problem gambling and suicide: A registry-based approach
  • From risk to prevention: Using REGistry-based studies to alleviate the burden of GAMbling problems(REGGAM)
  • Structural Game Charachteristics, Rewards Schedules and Gambling Behavior.
  • Contextual and individual factors associated with gambling problems and gambling behavior in adolesence and young adulthood.