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Zeljka Svrljuga

Professor, American literature
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    5020 Bergen
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2011. Hysteria and Melancholy as Literary Style in the Texts by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Kate Chopin, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Djuna Barnes. Edwin Mellen Press. 241 pages. ISBN: 978-07734-1517-1.
Journal articles
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2006. Jan Nordby Gretlund, ed., Madison Jones’ Garden of Innocence. American Studies in Scandinavia. 38: 173-175.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2005. Judith Misrahi-Barak, ed., Revisiting Slave Narratives/Les avatars contemporains des récits d'esclaves. American Studies in Scandinavia. 37: 136-139.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2004. politikkens estetikk. Atrium, Studentmagasinet for HF-fakultetet, UIB. 12: 38-39.
Reports and theses
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2000. In strenuous tongue : hysteria and melancholy as discursive practices. Bergen : Department of English, University of Bergen, Bergen. 199 pages.
Book sections
  • Gjerden, Jorunn Svensen; Jegerstedt, Kari; Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2016. "The Hottentot Venus is Unavailable for Comment": Questioning Representation through Aesthetic Practices. IV, 13, pages 281-303. In:
    • Danielsen, Hilde; Jegerstedt, Kari; Muriaas, Ragnhild Louise; Ytre-Arne, Brita. 2016. Gendered Citizenship and the Politics of Representation. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 9781137517647.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2016. History That Refuses to Be Whitewashed: Barbara Chase-Riboud's Sally Hemings: A Novel. 1, pages 2-14. In:
    • Grgas, Stipe; Klepac, Tihana; Domines Veliki, Martina. 2016. English Studies from Archives to Prospects. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 210 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4438-9045-8.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2016. A Script from the Crypt: Gilman's "The Giant Wistaria". 8, pages 141-157. In:
    • Grubica, Irena; Beran, Zdenek. 2016. The Fantastic of the Fin de Siècle. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 295 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4438-9742-6.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2014. Queering the Holocaust: Making the Impossible Possible. Kapittel 5, pages 111-126. In:
    • Skorgen, Torgeir; Holm, Helge Vidar; Lægreid, Sissel Tone Ågot. 2014. Europe and Its Interior Other(s). Aarhus Universitetsforlag. 216 pages. ISBN: 978877124128 0.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2014. “In this time brown did not stick around”: Fred D’Aguiar’s Poetics of Slavery. 8, pages 133-149. In:
    • Kuortti, Joel. 2014. Transculturation and Aesthetics.Ambivalence,Power and Literature. Brill Academic Publishers. 220 pages. ISBN: 9789042039155.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2012. Hottentot Venus: Unsettling the Linear Time of History and Science. Kapittel I Part II, pages 126-144. In:
    • Williams, Seretha D.; Allen, Marlene D. 2012. Afterimages of Slavery. Essays on Appearances in Recen American Films, Literature, Television and Other Media. McFarland. 236 pages. ISBN: 9780786464647.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2010. Patricia Eakins's Marvelous Passages, Real and Imaginary. 4, pages 55-66. In:
    • Šesnić, Jelena. 2010. Siting America/Sighting Modernity. 272 pages. ISBN: 9789531753456.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2010. The Rigors of Sun, the Clemency of the Shadow: From Eakins to Buffon - with Love? 13, pages 217-232. In:
    • Hagen, Margareth; Koppen, Randi; Skagen, Margery Vibe. 2010. The Art of discovery : encounters in literature and science. Aarhus Universitetsforlag. 275 pages. ISBN: 978-87-7934-501-0.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2007. The Science/Fiction Carnival in Barbara Chase-Riboud’s Hottentot Venus. kapittel, pages 199-221. In:
    • Misrahi-Barak, Judith. 2007. Revisiting slave narratives II. 520 pages. ISBN: 978-2-84269-811-9.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2006. The Black Atlantic: Voyage through Death. kapittel I, pages 19-33. In:
    • Evans Pim, Joám; Crespo Argibay, Óscar; Kristensen, Bárbara. 2006. Estudos Atlanticos: Novos rumos para uma matriz multidisciplinar circum-atlantica. 275 pages. ISBN: 84-690-0273-2.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2006. The Spectropoetics of Neo-Slave Narratives: The Case of Ishmael Reed’s Flight to Canada. III,3, pages 137-148. In:
    • Armstrong, Charles Ivan; Hestetun, Øyunn. 2006. Postcolonial Dislocations: Travel, History, and the Ironies of Narrative. Novus Forlag. 246 pages. ISBN: 978-82-7099-430-4.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2005. “Grief that was never given words”: Melancholy Strategies in A Saloonkeeper’s daughter. Gender, pages 145-156. In:
    • Grønstad, Asbjørn; Johannessen, Lene M. 2005. To Become the Self One Is: A Critical Companion to Drude Krog Janson's A Saloonkeeper's Daughter. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.. 210 pages. ISBN: 82-7099-405-7.
  • Svrljuga, Zeljka. 2005. Preface. forord, pages 7-9. In:
    • Breivik, Leiv Egil; Øverland, Orm. 2005. The Power of Language: A Collection of Essays. Novus Forlag. 164 pages. ISBN: 82-7099-428-6.
  • Gulliksen, Øyvind T.; Pedersen, Vidar; Svrljuga, Zeljka. 1995. Ole E. Rølvaag, Thorstein Veblen, and the Independent Farmer. faglig_bok_institusjon, pages 11. In:
    • 1995. Performances in American literature and culture : essays in honor of professor Orm Øverland on his 60th birthday. University of Bergen. 11 pages.

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