PhD education

Doctoral education at the faculties

The faculties are responsible for admission of doctoral candidates, daily implementation of the doctoral education and the PhD defence. Doctoral education is conducted in an active research environment in the individual departments of UiB, in a research group and/or a research school.

The PhD regulations at the University of Bergen apply to all education leading to the PhD degree at our institution. The faculties may have supplementary guidelines to the institutional regulations. Important issues regarding doctoral education are processed by a representative body at the faculty. The faculties are responsible for the admission, daily implementation and doctoral defence. The faculties coordinate most research courses offered in the training component, and they administer the annual monitoring of the PhD candidates' study progress.

Research environment

Doctoral education takes place in an active research environment at UiB's academic departments or at UiB partnership institutions, such as research institutes. This active research environment is either a research group and/or a research school, or a combination of the two. All faculties offer PhD candidates the opportunity to affiliate with a research group and/or a research school. In doctoral training, the research groups and research schools are complementary and, as a PhD candidate, one may be affiliated with both a research group and a research school. A research group normally consists of senior researchers, post-doctoral fellows, a number of PhD candidates and master's students with similar research interests. Sometimes, more than one PhD candidate share research questions in a large research project led by one of the senior members of the academic staff. The structure and size of the group varies in and across faculties and departments.