PhD education

Questions about doctoral education?

Questions about the PhD education should normally be addressed directly to the faculty that manages the relevant academic field. The administrative PhD coordinators are ready to answer your questions.

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Faculty of Humanities

Elisabeth Akselvoll
E-mail: elisabeth.aksevoll@uib.no

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Birthe Gjerdevik
E-mail: birthe.gjerdevik@uib.no

Faculty of Medicine

Torunn Olsnes
E-mail: torunn.olsnes@uib.no

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hanne Widnes Gravermoen
E-mail: hanne.gravermoen@uib.no

Faculty of Law

Idunn Bjørlo Tandstad
E-mail: idunn.tandstad@uib.no

Faculty of Pshychology

Helen Catherine Green
E-mail: helen.green@uib.no

Arild Mellesdal
E-mail: arild.mellesdal@uib.no

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

Lise Kristiansen
E-mail: lise.kristiansen@uib.no

Sol Sneltvedt
E-mail: sol.sneltvedt@uib.no

Division of Research Administration 

Yngve Brynjulfsen
E-mail: yngve.brynjulfsen@uib.no

Espen Dahle
E-mail: espen.dahle@uib.no