PhD education

Diploma, transcript and degree ceremony

Upon completion, UiB will issue a diploma and a transcript to the finished PhD candidates

Diploma and transcript

Upon completion of the PhD degree, the candidates will receive a diploma in Latin with an English translation attached. The PhD candidates will also receive an official transcript ("vitnemål") containing information on the title of the thesis, completed courses, name of supervisors etc. The transcript constitutes the authoritative documentation of the PhD degree and is the documentation that should be presented for various applications later in the career.


Doctoral degree award ceremony 

The diploma and transcript will be presented in a formal doctoral degree award ceremony, or "doktorpromosjon" in Norwegian. This ceremony takes place in the University Aula three times a year; in January, April/May and August. You can invite family and friends to this ceremony. Supervisors and other colleagues from the research environment may also be present.

Link to pictures from Doctoral degree award ceremony


Verification of transcript

If you plan to present your PhD transcript later in your career, you may need to notarize it first. Notarization is a public verification of a document or a signature. Foreign authorities, institutions and enterprises will often require notarization to deem a transcript acceptable in an application process. This verification is done by a notary public. Bergen tingrett is a notary public. More information is available on this website.

A document will often require additional verification in the form of an apostil. An apostil verifies that the signature of the notary public is authentic. In Bergen, apostil validation is done by the Hordaland County Governor's Office.