PhD education

Research schools

Many academic environments at UiB organize PhD research schools - a unit of academic activity in the PhD education that transcends the traditional structures at the university. The main activities of research schools are PhD courses, seminar series, lectures and special topic gatherings.

UiB offers membership in research schools to many of its candidates. Some are organised around a thematic and cross-disciplinary field, while others derive from a certain academic field. 

Membership in a research school will provide you with additional research networks of many other PhD-candidates and their supervisors, and contact with international research networks. In the research school you have the possibility to present your ideas, drafts and articles, and receive feedback on your work. Some research schools have various arrangements that will prepare the PhD candidate for the defence of the thesis.

A list of research schools at UiB:

The list below shows research schools of which PhD candidates at UiB are members. Some of them are administrated at UiB, while external institutions administrate others.