PhD education

Ethics and integrity

The University of Bergen demands the highest ethical standards from all employees, researchers and students, and a number of ethical guidelines apply. PhD candidates should be aware that plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct constitute breaches of university guidelines, national and international research ethics guidelines and the Norwegian Act on Ethics and Integrity in Research.

Consequences of academic misconduct

Academic misconduct as defined by the Norwegian Act on Ethics and Integrity in Research is sanctioned at faculty or institutional level. In the latter case, the Research Ethics Committee at the University of Bergen ("Redelighetsutvalget") will decide the matter.

PhD candidates should note that plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct in course work (e.g. on tests, in submitted course assignments etc.) may also be dealt with by the University Appeals Committee on a par with cheating on examination in the sense pursuant to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges. Sanctions may include annulment of exam results, exclusion from PhD studies and/or a decision to deem the thesis not worthy during the final evaluation.

Academic misconduct can result in a breakdown of trust between supervisor and Phd candidate, with the potential result that the supervisor may ask to be released from the supervision contract.

The University of Bergen prioritizes prevention of academic misconduct. To enhance the PhD candidate's knowledge of academic standards and encourage reflection on these standards, the mandatory part of the training component of the PhD study programme includes philosophy of science and ethics.

Processing of personal and health data in research

If you plan to process personal data, you must check with the Data Protection Official for Research whether the project is subject to notification.

The use of health data in health and medical research is subject to approval by the Regional committees for medical and health research ethics (REK).